GUNNR. Melodic-Bass From The Land of Melodythica


Gunnar Tolman has been there since day one. Surprisingly, he is the creative mind behind our current logo.
His talents are more expansive than just graphic design. The gentleman is a genius in music production too! Petaling music out for the masses, and with melodic feel to each track! He is assuredly one to watch out for!
We are ecstatic to finally get an interview going for him.
Please welcome GUNNR to the storm!

Question 1: If you take a deep-dive into the world of GUNNR and all the things you do, it’s nothing short of amazing and ambitious when you go deep enough. What keeps you driven under all of your works you are behind?

Answer 1: First of all: THANK YOU for those kind words! Thanks for diving into my world and also for letting me be a part of this one. If we’re being honest I’m still diving too. It’s a surprise – like finding sunken treasure and just bringing it to the surface, like, “Hey guys look what I found.” My mind is crazy full of ideas and I don’t have a choice but to give them somewhere to go. If I didn’t I’d explode, that’s my motivation haha. Not exploding.


GUNNR · Falling Awake (Ophelia Records Demo)

Question 2: Can you give us a little light on the creative process of GUNNR? Inspirations and or mood boosters?

Answer 2: So lately I’ve been building a world called Melodythica behind the scenes in order to tie all of this music I’m working on together. Like an overarching narrative that each song can tell just a small part of, or just be connected to in some way. It’s going to explain where my name came from, why it’s a Norse name, and what Vikings had to do with discovering this other world where music and magic are synonymous. It’s really been helping my creative process because instead of having to just come up with a song abstractly, I can just imagine something or someone from this musical world and then use that theme as a launchpad for a song. For mood-boosting I like to taking breaks from music, getting out of the house, and spending time with my wife, Caroline. She really helps me center when my brain is running around in circles with a song haha.
Question 3: You have quite the studio set-up in your possession. Can you give us a breakdown of what you use and your favorite piece of equipment?
Answer 3: Favorite piece of gear has been Image-Line’s FL Studio from the beginning. I love that once you buy it every future update is free, so I’ve been able to see the software grow with me. The more I learn and the more ideas I get to push the software to its limits, the more they add to it and keep pushing those limits further. Also having everything compartmentalized into separate windows is extremely helpful for my workflow and just keeping me from getting too overwhelmed by big projects. Other than that I just have a Nektar MIDI keyboard for writing melodies, Focusrite Scarlett audio interface, and Rode NT-1 mic for recording vocals. I use a Denon Prime 4 to play shows.

GUNNR · Electric Pow Wow 2020 Mix Submission

Question 4: If you could add and take away one thing from the collective EDM scene, what would they be and why?
Answer 4: Okay this is pretty wild but I would love to see the major production software companies like Image-Line, Ableton, and the others invest in VR implementation. The thought of being able to create music in 3D space and the possibilities for creative workflows that it would open up is nuts! Like imagine being able to load up a virtual room of any size/shape, then place all of your instruments in that room and be able to hear the echo/reverb of each instrument based on where you place it? Just the concept of literally walking through a song just sounds like a future I want. The DJ equipment companies could do it as well. Just to be able to demo gear before buying it or learn how to DJ first, then decide what decks you actually want and actually be able to practice in virtual space would be sick for newcomers. As far as something to take away? I guess maybe take away more genre rigidity? I don’t really know because there’s a lot of cool genre-bending stuff happening right now that I want to see more of but that’s not really taking away as much as it is adding more so I don’t know.
Question 5: If you could travel to any location for inspiration; where would that place be and why? What does this place offer versus any other place?
Answer 5: Melodythica. If I could actually make that place real I’d be living there right now.
Question 6: Speaking of inspirations, who do you look up to in this competitive industry?
Answer 6: Definitely Seven Lions and everything he’s working on with the Ophelia Records label. All of the artists involved with that along with the general creativity and world-building has been a massive inspiration to me.
Question 7: We here at Monsoon Season cannot thank you enough for the time and effort that went into designing our logo. Aside from the general ideas we provided, what all kept you motivated artistically in that project?
Answer 7: Thank you again for that opportunity it was super fun! I guess just knowing your vision of what you wanted Monsoon Season to be. I thought it was a really cool idea and constantly envisioning my design attached to a project I was excited for really kept me motivated.


GUNNR · Aura

Question 8: What new and exciting things are you up to without giving away too many details? Tracks, collabs, events, anything we can drool over?
Answer 8: Definitely have a few new GUNNR tracks on the horizon that I’m really excited about. Also this year melodic bass artist Eunoia and I formed a duo called SubAtlas and we’ve been cooking up a LOT of new music. Some melodic stuff, some heavy stuff, and everything in between. We’ve got some big collab announcements as well so stay tuned for that.
Question 9: Who is in your musical radar as far as collaborations go?

Answer 9: Honestly right now the opportunity to work with any producer or vocalist from the Ophelia Records roster would be a dream come true. Specifically, Thrillogy or Gallie Fisher would be really cool artists to work on a song with for sure. I really vibe with the tunes they’ve been putting out recently.

GUNNR · Bury Me (WIP Ophelia demo) [2020-05-14 Update]

Question 10: What can you tell us about your new remix that dropped recently?

Answer 10: Love It (GUNNR Remix) is a deep, pulsating melodic dubstep tune. Matthew’s lyrics tell a story of someone experiencing the rollercoaster of emotions that come from an unpredictable relationship; the excitement/anticipation in contrast with the chaos/uncertainty. I wanted the remix to embody that contrast and ease the mind of those in that situation. I also wanted it to resonate with all kinds of people during this time in the world and help them feel like they can find joy and fun in life even when things are crazy.

Matthew Rapp · Love It (GUNNR Remix)


Question 11: Who have you seen slaying it recently? Give them a shout-out!

Answer 11:
There’s a lot of people I can think of but I would say Amidy – the man makes slamming tunes and sings in his own tracks, so definitely check him out!


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