Track Review: RESISTANCE – FERA| A Nova Lotus Music Release

Before we snorkel into the deep-dive of the track at hand, let’s get a fervent understanding of who we are talking about. Nobody likes strangers, right?
Firstly, we have FERA, a dark electro-house artist, assembling a resistance with one particular message to spread. “Join the new order or be left in the decay of a previous life.”
After listening to the impressive arsenal of tunes on SoundCloud, where the energy and progressive crescendos are in the top tiers,  I have a feeling this message is becoming clearer and clearer.  With heavy-hitters on deck like DEPRIVATION, APNEA,  and one hell of a deadmau5 & Kaskade remix, this is your jet-fuel to get going, this is the Apocolypse after all!
Secondly, Nova Lotus Music, a record label, “where nature meets technology”. It indeed does, they are an organically sound and secure platform. You can see it from their insane lineup of artists and releases galore to jam to on their SoundCloud. From artists like FERA, SLAYDE, Malixe, the list goes on and on.
Let’s not get distracted though.


As this track comes to fruition, within seconds, you can already tell the ominous
atmosphere is imminent. The berzerk rhythm is laid out in text-book detail. The unholy beat continues, and slowly lets you off with yet another build-up. This consonance is just what you would want from a dark electro-house banger. A minimal distinction, but more than obvious identifying aura to the track. Not a single word is spoken, said, or sampled. The lack of dialogue is what really allows this track to flourish in the realm of terror and post-apocalyptic vibes. No directives to jump, hands-up, or screaming for that matter.
Given this is the end of the world, FERA has your back. Simply, join the new order or be left behind.




Conclusively, this track is a deep-dark, and astoundingly well put together track.FERA gives us a peak performance original with a hellacious amount of aesthetic. This track is 100% Monsoon Season approved.

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