BOPPER: Boppin’ Heads and Takin’ Names!

Myles Weinbaum, or more auditorily known as, Bopper. An Idaho resident with tunes so wonky they’ll take you on a wild musical journey. The infusion of bass and experimental is a perfect middle-ground for this artist to “bop on”. His career ascension is only beginning and he is already miles ahead of the game. Major things coming from Myles, and we are stoked to have him in to talk!
Please welcome, Bopper to the storm!


Question 1: Welcome, Bopper! What is the story of the alias; why Bopper?

Answer 1: I don’t really have a crazy story. It’s not what I started with. I started out as M-Willz cause I love Brillz and LSDream. (I have a tattoo of Brillzs Elephant!)  Then I went to TRYPLE M and then I hated that, then one time I went back to Vernal, Utah to see friends and my friend said “tiny bopper” and I just fell in love with Bopper! At the time I instantly saw colors and that’s when I was like I can take this somewhere at the same time in love with it! I think it’s important to love your name!

(Brillz/LSDream pictured left. Myles pictured center/below.)


Question 2: Where are you from? Give us a brief description of how you became an up n’ coming bass music producer?

Answer 2: Well I was born in Dothan, Alabama. But I only lived there from what I’m told is about 6 months! Then we moved to Miami/ West Palm Beach, Florida. Then my mom divorced my Dad when I was like 8. It took 5 years and it was ugly but we moved to Vernal, Utah where my ex-stepdad is from. And I grew up between there and Florida until maybe 13-14 can’t remember my last time visiting my dad when I was a kid. Don’t have a relationship with him. And then about 5 years ago I got laid off from the oilfield and I was like “fuck it, I need to get out of this town” so we moved up to Pocatello, Idaho and that where I own my own house with my wife and my 8 year old son! ️ As for music I’ve been producing for about maybe 5 to 6 years. I just started mixing music: and then I said I want to make people feel the way my favorite artist makes me feel so I picked up Logic and haven’t looked back! I’m in Ableton now but not looking back haha. But I’m just a bass-head. It’s just what I find the most fun and it pushes sound design boundaries!

Question 3: You recently remixed a track of Chibs‘, Crust and Jelly. Can you tell us about your desire for that song and the creative process behind the mesmerizing take on it?

BOPPER · Chibs – Crust and jelly (Bopper Remix)

Answer 3: So with that remix, I thought I could do some weird shit on the sound design of the OG stems but I just felt the melody and the vibe it gave me! I just went HAM. I’ve been really loving the weird shit.  I feel that it pushes the boundaries of bass music. It’s different and I feel it’s where I shine! Out of them all I would be able to weird that one out that’s why I chose it. I also love the ear candy I put in it like Fox Stevenson bass and I put RVD from 12th Planet stems and then a bass from Infekt just to represent the Disciple fam! I appreciate all the support on the remix my guy it really means a lot to me!

Question 4:  What places to are you looking forward to playing when things start opening up? Why there?

Answer 4: So since I moved up to “Poki” (Pocatello) I have made some great friends. There is a place in Idaho falls it’s a bar/venue called The Gem. I love it! It’s run by Brian and he does a kick ass job! The sound is great and just a really great vibe! But my buddy Zach Hendricks aka Happ and my other buddy Devon Aka Bvndit they throw down all the time there Happ has his own mix series call The Happening it’s dope but they have shown me how badass that place can be and how hype! I just want that type of hype when I play!

BOPPER · Trap Shit

Question 5: Who would you like to collab with soon? Big and small!

Answer 5: This is a hard question for me haha. So I  started a collab with one of best friends Beau Rasmussen aka Dukez I don’t know why we haven’t before this. So that’s something to look forward to in the future! (Bopper x Dukez – ID) On another note, I have a collab in the works with probably the baddest women producers in the game Casanova! I’m super pumped for the outcome of that one! She bangs with the best of them! I would say my dreams right now would be number one for me is Blurrd Vzn no doubt. That boi on some next level shit! I would prolly say Sully, Chee, Effin, Subtronics and Liquid Stranger! I also was just signed to Deathstar Cult! Cult shit! I’ve started collabs with Highdruh and wow! Super pumped for that collab! I also have a collab with Scafetta, the dude is as humble as anybody. Oh yeah and our collab is sounding very thicccc!! I’m hoping to collab with everyone on the label at some point! We be killing it!


Question 6: What music artists aside from EDM had an influence on your upbringing into dance music?

Answer 6: So I am a metalhead. I’m a big fan of Suicide Silence, White Chapel, Black Dahlia Murder, BMTH (Bring Me The Horizon) but old BMTH I’m not a huge fan of their singing! I am also a big fan of Coheed and Cambria and Chiodos. Back when I was in school I would skate with all my homies in Vernal and metal was definitely the choice of music, then the whole hard dance scene broke out and I just couldn’t get over how crazy music can get. So when I actually started listening to EDM I started listening to like Benny Benassi, DJ Lasgo, DJ Kaycee, and John Ocallaghan! I was a huge electro house/trance fan. To be honest I hated dubstep when I heard of it in like 2007 2008. I was heavily into artists like Cold Blank, Spencer and Hill, Klaas, Vodge Diper, Mord Fustang, and many more but those would definitely be my top. I thought I would have never steered to bass music but then I found Rusko, Caspa, Datsik, Excision and Zeds Dead. For me, those are the pioneers.  They helped me find bass music. Tunes like Ratatat by Caspa and Inspector Gadget from Rusko, Nukem by Datsik and White Satin and Eyes On Fire from Zeds Dead, Swagga from Excision/Datsik is probably where I would start to say that’s when I got into bass music!

BOPPER · Heartbeat – Ft. Karra

Question 7: Fast forward the clocks to 2025, where do you see the Bopper movement? What’s the 5-year vision?

Answer 7: Huh I really haven’t thought about that! I would have to say I would like to have put out an album for Deathstar Cult! I have an EP that should be coming in 2021 so definitely an album! (My debut album) Haha, I would like to play maybe one of the “Get” Series: (Get Lucky, Get Freaky) for V2 Presents in Salt Lake City. I would love to play at Das Energi, on one of the big stages. What my goal is as an artist is to reach as many ears as possible. I just want to get my music out there to be heard! I want to make people feel the way my favorite artist makes me feel. Being heard is important to me. I would also like to be a full-time artist by this time! I can also be seeing myself making so many new friends and family. Since being signed to Deathstar Cult my life has changed dramatically and I have met so many down to earth people and I’m looking forward to meeting so many more new people!


Question 8: What is in your studio? Give us a breakdown!

Answer 8: So for the brain and heart of my operation I have a razor blade 15 laptop. I just upgraded from my 2013 model of MacBook Pro. I love it so far and I highly recommend it. I was actually at a show in Idaho falls and the visuals guy for Kai Wachi was using a razor the same one I have and I asked him if he recommends it and he said oh fuck yeah so that did it for me. Then for my monitors, I have JBL 5s and the sub that goes with them. I love them they sound crisp and I’m just used to them. I also have a 34 inch ultra-wide LG screen as well. As for midi controllers I have a novation 64 key and I love it!  Other than that I have a mic and a old traktor s4 that doesn’t work anymore. as for cosmetics, I have a big elephant tapestry on my wall with my LG screen! I love elephants. Then on my ceiling, I have a lion tapestry to give me motivation! When I get writer’s block or something like that I just look up and boom the lion is there haha! Then on my back wall, I have a trippy tapestry. Then I have a wall where I posted my signed contract with Deathstar Cult and my shows and flyers. Other than that I’m a basic person haha!

BOPPER · Turn Me Up – Bopper

Question 9: What trick and or tip would you give to an aspiring producer who doesn’t know where to start?

Answer 9: So I have always wanted to give a tip or something I could give to an up n’ comer! I would honestly say that your music is gonna suck for years before it gets better. DONT GIVE UP! It comes with time. I still to this day think my music is garbage but I still do it cause I can see and hear it get better. So if you really want to make music then just stick with it!

Question 10: What is next in the realm of Bopper that we can anticipate? What can you tell us about your upcoming plans without revealing too much?

Answer 10: Well I have my first single coming out on Deathstar Cult. I don’t have a for sure date I can say now but very soon!  I also have multiple collabs in the works. 4 to be exact. I am also working on an EP right now that should be released sometime in 2021! Whenever everything opens back open I plan on playing a grip of shows. There is so much more I want to share but it may be premature!

BOPPER · Rewind

Question 11: Who do you think deserves more credit and spotlight in their rising career in bass music?

Answer 11: So I would have to say my boy Dukez! Dude be killing the game. He such a humble person and he cares about the scene more than his upbringing! I think we need more artist like him in the scene. I would say all the bois on the cult! Them bois are just straight savage. I feel so blessed to be apart of this group of talent. I also feel that Spicy Bois could be where like Wakaan is and what not. I feel that they just push the boundaries of weird and bass shit! There is just something about ring mods and bit crushers I love haha!

BOPPER · Hit The Floor

Thank you so much, Myles! This interview will forever be engrained in our minds and hearts! We are uttely thrilled we have met and made such a strong friendship over the weeks we have known each other and cannot wait to see what else is up your sleeve!
Again, thank you, and until next time pal!


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