Good Vs Evil. The Battle Between Music and Mischief

Eric Garrison, or now more widely known as, Good Vs Evil
is a busy, seasoned, and talented artist from Tennessee. With his hands in several facets of his local music culture, he also has several other altruistic ventures. Without giving away too much details, you can already guess which side he is on, when it comes to “Good” and “Evil”.
Please welcome Good Vs Evil to the storm!


Question 1: Where does the moniker, Good Vs Evil come from? Tell us the origin story behind the name.

Answer 1: Good Vs Evil is actually an evolution of my previous alias Evil Ash. I started out around 8 years ago producing electronic music and a buddy gave me the name Erex. I had pretty good success with that alias but because of the similarities to other artists the branding was really hard to get people to connect to, so I re-branded as Evil Ash. It was a very depressing time of my life and evil was all that was on my mind. After finding out I had a broken back from skateboarding and losing a relationship I really cared about, I was at the lowest point of my life. I was ready to end it all. I wanted to commit suicide but then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Good Vs Evil was all I could think about. God was giving me purpose again in life. I didn’t know that at the time it was only a seed planted in my mind but has grown quite rapidly. Good is what I live for now and fighting Evil is my business.

Good Vs Evil · Good Vs Evil

Question 2: You are from TN, that’s exciting to us! Can you tell us what the eastern side of the country’s dance music culture is like? Is there a difference?

Answer 2: Yes I live right outside of Knoxville, TN. The east coast dance scene is pretty legit in areas. Knoxville has had its ups and downs over the years but is doing pretty well currently thanks to my buddies over in Knoxturnal Entertainment. I put on shows previously here and will talk about that in the next answer. As for other cities over here, Atlanta is right there with Denver as far as the size of shows but each have their own unique features. The “ATL Hoe” chant from Atlanta EDM is by far one of the greatest feelings as a dubstep artist. There are a ton of great cities over here that put on but Atlanta definitely takes the cake in EDM. The culture varies everywhere throughout the country I believe so each city kind of has its own feel, its hard to explain in general when it comes to the east.


Question 3: You have heavy involvement in several projects. Can you go into detail about them with us?

Answer 3: My involvement in projects… Well, Good Vs Evil is my #1 project. My main goal is to spread awareness about the good and evil that we all encounter in life. Ruckus Entertainment is the next in line. I started Ruckus Entertainment about 7 years ago with a good friend at the time. We were hosting a music festival together called Isuarave here in our area and we decided we needed to have a production company if we were to continue putting on festivals and Ruckus Entertainment was created. Over the years we hosted shows at nightclubs, had an artist collective, created tons of media content, all kinds of EDM related things, and also ventured into other things like drift racing.  Nowadays I run Ruckus Entertainment mostly by myself with some help from my friend Krystle Heath from Shock Rave Ent Co and it is still EDM related stuff but if someone needs media content no matter the genre or business I jump on it. I have a clothing brand project called LET US RAGE coming soon that’s exciting. I created and help run Knoxville Dubstep with some local producers, also Drop Your Bass, and Bass Drops with my friend Krystle. I also am a member of the Rave Sober project which is very important to me. I have been a part of alot of other collectives and groups over the years but I’m gonna move on.


Question 4: What’s your ideal collaboration like? Who’s in your upcoming scope for collabs?

Answer 4: My ideal collab is with any artist that is really putting in work on their music and brand. A lot of producers are good but many lack good brands. To me I like to work with artists that have strong branding. I feel those are the ones that really understand what it takes to turn this into an actual business and at 33 years old i’m done doing this just because of it’s fun. I must know that the collaborator is going to take it as seriously as I do for me to want to work with them. I put a lot into my releases nowadays, mentally, physically, and financially and I don’t like carrying dead weight. Dream collaborations I’d have to say with my boy Mischa Aka Spag Heddy for one, Him and I toured together when I went by Erex but my production wasn’t up to par then. It would be really cool to finally get around to doing that with him, there were talks back then about it but I knew I wasn’t good enough and as previously stated I would’ve definitely been dead weight. also Excision would be dope. He was my first dubstep show and his music is incredible. Currently I have productions ongoing with Isaiah581, Fvded, Spider Factory, and Grac3land. Future collabs planned with Mr. Fink, Scafetta, King Kobra, and Jay Sinatti. Sorry if I missed anyone Its been really busy lately.  

Good Vs Evil · Scafetta – Pull The Trigger (Good Vs Evil Remix)

Question 5: What is your studio set up like? What are you rocking today?

Answer 5: My studio is not really a studio currently. I’m currently living with my grandparents to help take care of them. They are getting to the age where they cant do a lot of things themselves so I have moved in to help take care of these things. I’m very limited for room and most of my studio is in storage currently but the best content of my life is coming from this time period and situation so I’m humble. I use Fl20, Serum, Sylenth, Flex, a few other vsts. i have an Akai advanced 49 keyboard and an Akai Fire Fl control for productions. Traktor Kontrol s4mk3 for home mixing cdjs at the events if they provide them.


Question 6: You mention on FB that your track, Snake Charmer, had a significant meaning. What can you tell us here at Monsoon Season?

Answer 6: My track Snake Charmer means a ton to me. Its about charming the snakes in your life, like addiction, greed, bullying etc. pretty much anything that whispers in your ear and tells you to continue that negative pattern. I was addicted to opiates for seven years of my life and been clean for about 8. I’m pretty religious nowadays so the introduction of Good Vs Evil in time was represented by the snake leading Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Gotta charm the snakes and not let them charm you!


Good Vs Evil · Snake Charmer

Question 7: Fast forward to 2025, where do you see yourself?

Answer 7: I see myself in 2025 being in a position where i can really make a positive change in this world. Being a dubstep producer and edm entertainment company owner are only a small step to what i’m really wanting to achieve. I want to really make steps forward towards using my brands for Drug Addiction and Suicide Prevention so i’m not exactly sure the plan yet but that’s the direction i am shooting for.


Question 8: If you could move anywhere in the world to explore the world of music at no cost; where and why?

Answer 8: If i could move anywhere in the world to explore music currently i wouldn’t move anywhere. My Grandparents are more important than music to me so that’s first priority. Once they are gone, I wouldn’t mind moving to Denver CO. I performed there back in the day and it was so awesome. Everyone worked together so well when i was there and it was just unlike anywhere else I have experienced yet.


Question 9: What can we expect in the near future and down the road from Good Vs. Evil?

Good Vs Evil · Komodo Dance (Underneath)

Answer 9: In the near future you can expect my Mental Warfare EP + Tour,  Ruckus Radio Episode 3, Lots of cool media content, Funny Memes, and Good Inspiration. Down the road who knows, things are moving so fast with this project there is no telling.


Question 10: Who is in your area that you believe deserves more spotlight in their music path?

Answer 10: Artists in my area… There are a few really great artists coming out of Knoxville lately. You have Oddcub, Dreameater, Floze, Tactikkz, Jake Clarity, and Gairn. My boys have been showing out lately and I’m super proud of all of them. A local legend that I think Is greatly overlooked in EDM is Huglife

Thank you so much, Eric, this was such a blast to work with you on. I am so excited to get to know you, your music, and your upcoming plans as GVE! We hope to do a follow-up very soon! Until next time!

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