BvssFlux. The Forefront of Colorado’s Bass Movement

Brandon Browning, going by the alias of BvssFlux, joins our storm. His meteoric rise to where he is today can be easily traced back to his music. With monstrous tracks, remixes, and aggressive involvement with Psychocybin Recordings, Dead Cell Audio, Radiation Records, The Deathstar Cult, Biophaze Records, and Rough Records we can easily assure  he is here to continuously climb the ladder of success.
This producer is in no way, shape or form, in a position of slowing down his acsension.
Gargantuan support from heavy-hitters like Excision, Hi I’m Ghost, PhaseOne, Dion Timmer, Bandlez, Soltan, and Kno/Why, there is no incertitude of his locality in bass music.

Please welcome, BvssFlux to the storm!



Question1: Can you give us a deep-dive into the backstory behind the idea and name BvssFlux? Where does the musical cord get traced back to?

Answer 1: So about a year and a half back, I came across an issue with my old name and was unfortunately forced to change it. So I had to think quickly. I love bass and I love flow. BvssFlux is basically just “bass movement”. (Such as the name THE MVMNT for my radio station).

BvssFlux · Hi I’m Ghost – Death Rail (Bvssflux Bootleg Remix)free dl


Question 2: What led you to the dance music world and what ultimately kept you coming back?

Answer 2: Well, what led me into it initially was of course the music. The first time I heard Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, Cookie Monsta or anyone that had tracks on the UKF dubstep channel at that time was ultimately my hero. what keeps me here is honestly the community and how united we all are as one. There’s not a whole lot of scenes that are as tight-knit and strong as our little rave family. I’ve met countless amazing people and I wouldn’t give them up for anything… also the music.


Question 3: If you could describe your music to someone without using genre-based words, how would you do it?

Answer 3: Cronch. Cronch all the way bröther. No but in all seriousness, I’d say aggressive, fast paced sounds to headbang to. I’ve always loved the heavy aspect of a lot of music and In most every track I’ve put out I’ve tried to incorporate it at least a little.

BvssFlux · Oddprophet – Migraine (BvssFlux Remix)


Question 4: With a modest aggregation of over 25 releases, where does this maniacal amount of energy come from? Is there a build-up of psychological ingredients that gets poured into each track?

Answer 4: I work a day job, so most days it’s actually hard to find the time or energy to actually sit down and create. But to get myself out of that lazy mindset I’ll definitely have to mentally prepare. Whether it be relaxing for a moment before I jump into it, taking a shower, or even literally gardening, it’s just something to take your mind off of everything else and put you in the moment. In all reality the energy has always rooted from the manifestation of ideas. I’ll straight up be sitting in a Taco Bell drive through and I’ll think of a whole bop in my head and then am forced to rush home and lay that idea down.


Question 5: Who is in your scope as far as collaborative works goes? Who would you like to work within the realm of BvssFlux?

Answer 5: Currently I’ve got a handful of collabs going on with a bunch of amazing artists. As far as who’d I’d LIKE to work with; Badklaat, Space Laces, PhaseOne, and Calcium are probably my dream collabs. I’d also love to get another collab in with Rex Gold, he’s a dream to work with!

Question 6: Being a Colorado resident is advantageous in its respective ways musically. What are your highlight moments in being an inhabitant to the Centennial State?

Answer 6: Oh man, that’s a loaded question as there’s just so many great moments to think back on. I’ll never forget the first time I ever played a show here in Colorado. Some shady underground venue that eventually shut down because of all of the illegal things going down there. It was fun though, we would all get together every weekend and just… JAM. I really started to notice the impact of the scene once I started playing shows in Denver, however. That’s really when I started making friends and getting connections in the music world. One of my biggest highlights thus far would definitely have to be being introduced to the Dapper Promotions crew. Every show they throw is a movie and I’m glad to be a part of it!


BvssFlux · Excision x Space laces – Bounce (Bvssflux Drumstep Bootleg)

Question 7: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Give us a walk-through of your utopian 2025 vision?

Answer 7: In five years I’m hoping to have gone on at least my first tour. By this point I’d love to see myself signed to Never Say Die: Black Label and release music along side the legends that got me into making music. My goal for the next four years is to hit my first 1 million streams, only 500k more to go!
Playing Lost Lands 2025 would probably be my biggest music goal for my five year vision.
Aside from making music, I want to own a home by then and also id like to have a good 10 chickens and 3 ducks chilling in my backyard.


BvssFlux · Mac Miller – Dunno (BvssFlux x Mvrtivl Lvw Remix)

Question 8: What’s your ideal/go-to meal before working on a track and or heading on stage? Or is it a different ideology? No food, no drink, all work?

Answer 8: Before I start working on a track, it’s mostly free game. But as I mentioned, relaxing and getting my mind off of the outside world is a must for me. I tend to do that through gardening, kickin it with my cats, taking a shower or nap, and almost always just smoking a bowl! Smoking too much will make me lazy and sleepy, but I like to use it for creativity and it always helps.

Question 9: You are increasingly growing. Spanning your musicality across several facets of the region. Can you talk about your involvement in The Deathstar Cult?

Answer 9: The Deathstar Cult movement is beautiful. We’ve got such a packed roster of amazing artists and talent. Jarren and Travis, the owner and operators are very focused on getting this team to the top and giving us the best opportunities to grow and expand that they can. I joined the team because I could tell that there is potential and that they truly are doing this for the music and the passion. Definitely stoked to be a part of it.


Question 10: What other assets in your career can you speak on? Who else are you work with?

Answer 10: I can’t really announce too much stuff, however, I’ve got insane collabs with Rage-Bot, Triggabyte, Morf, Papa Khan, Mvrtivl Lvw, Bvss Tactic, and so so many more. As far as labels go I’m really excited to hopefully start working with Kill Your Ego, Ōdio Records and Frequency!


Question 11: Not to make you pick one over the other, we understand artists love all their tracks equally. To date, what is your go-to track to introduce an unknowing listener to exemplify the BvssFlux sound? What is the flagship track you love showing off?

Answer 11: I definitely do catch myself picking favorites every now and then. If I were to show you just one track of mine to showcase myself, I’d probably have to show a track from my Riddim Machine EP. I think my favorite off of that EP would have to be Proper Noize.
Fun fact: Excision hit me up personally last minute before Lost Lands last year just to get that track from me!

BvssFlux · Riddim Machine EP

Question 12: Who is in your area do you wholeheartedly believe that deserves more spotlight and attention in their career as an artist? Give them a healthy shout-out!

Answer 12: I love this question but it’d be super hard to just pick one. There’s so much talent in Colorado itself oh man. Huge shout out to the homies killing it right now like Mersiv!
Even bigger shoutout to the producers I see killing it on the low and deserve much more love than they get such as (and in no particular order):
Morf, Mvrtivl Lvw, Broken Inglish, SEPTIK, Rage-Bot, Oreoku, Perrish, Ghillie Dubs, Joof and so so many more.


Thank you so much Brandon, this interview will forever be engrained in our minds. You are a ultra-talented producer with a blindingly bright future. Keep killing the game as you are, and we have a concrete-strong feeling you will be packing crowds and pumping the jams for years. Until next time!


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