Forgotten Flame

Kitt Richter, who goes by his musical alias of Forgotten Flame takes a break from his fiery lifestyle to let us know what he is up to, his origin story and what we can expect from the firestarter in the near future. The burn has never felt so good. 


Question 1: For the unknowing and soon to be fans, where does the moniker like “Forgotten Flame” originate from?

Answer 1: Actually I created the name from an old video game called Diablo 2. When you select the Necromancer as your character he appears engulfed in blue flames. Which I deprived the name Forgotten Flame from and from there on I’ve used it as my DJ and producer name.

Question 2: What inspired you and kept you driven to create your current project?

Answer 2: Music has been everything my whole life. I started playing guitar at 8 and I always knew that I wanted to do something with music. So with my love of dubstep and my passion for music, I created my project and producer/DJ name Forgotten Flame

Question 3: What sort of creative process do you resort to when getting ready to deliver and begin a new song or collaboration?

Answer 3: I don’t really have a creative process. I’m always writing things down like ideas and melodies and when inspiration strikes I jump into it and just start creating.


Question 4: What has been the most influential moment and or person in your life?

Answer 4: The first time one of my songs got played out over a big sound system by one of my friends, that is also a DJ. That was a big moment because I realized that it’s not impossible. It showed me that all the hard work in my bedroom paid off and I can actually make something that sounds good and that people will like. 


Question 5: Are you more favorable to small intimate shows, club events, or larger; festivals?

Answer 5: I would say bigger shows. I put a lot of energy into my djing and performance. I want the crowd to go crazy with me and that usually works with bigger crowds.


Question 6: What does the day-in-the-life of Forgotten Flame look like? Break down your average day for us!

Answer 6: I still have a full-time job so I go to work, get off at 5pm and go home. I hang out with my girlfriend and play Street Fight 5 and Overwatch and usually late evening I start to produce and work on my branding.

Question 7: Handing out CDs and physical mixtapes was a huge proponent to an artist’s success before the internet and its vast array of platforms and outlets. Do you think this needs to make a comeback? Or leave it in the past?

Answer 7: I think we should leave it in the past. It is nostalgic but everything is online and on social media, and its easier to send a link to most people.


Question 8: If you could make a quick comparison to your music, who could you say is a similar taste and vibe?

Answer 8: I would say I have a unique style and sound design but I do have a lot of influence from Excision, Zomboy, and Spag Heddy.

Question 9: What is your favorite fusion music genre so far? (examples: metal+dubstep, bass+house, Psytrance+bass music, techno+house)

Answer 9: My favorite right now is the hybrid-trap. The mix of dubstep sound design and heavy trap beats is amazing.


Question 10: What new and exciting things can we expect from you in the near future?

Answer 10: I have a lot planned for the future. But right now I have a new song coming out very soon called Flamethrower. As well as a heavy riddim dubstep song that will be releasing on Dub Wubz Promotions and a midsummer release on Envisional Sounds.

BONUS: Since you read and made it all the way through the interview, we have an added bonus for you. Forgotten Flame has worked diligently and fervently on the track; FLAMETHROWERGet your burn-meds ready, because this track is too hot to handle.

Thank you so much, Kitt. It’s been a blast.  We have had a great time chatting over the weeks, and we cannot wait until we talk again!
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