Ridley Slim, Festivillainz & Scafetta Bring Crowds To Their Knees w/ “Lump Shit” Ft. Milano The Don via High Caliber Records [Track Write-Up]

MEGA COLLAB: Underground Icons Ridley Slim, Festivillainz & Scafetta‘s “Lump Shit” Ft. Milano The Don Breaks Necks & Has The Masses Already Wanting More | Exclusively on High Caliber Records

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

Nearly a month ago, High Caliber Records released the mega collab we’ve all been wanting and waiting for from some of the underground’s utmost heavy bass music producers in the industry, and our favorites here in the storm. You guessed it, storm alumni Ridley Slim, Festivillainz, and Scafetta are all on the same track and you’ll never be the same again after hearing what anarchy they have come up with.

Ridley Slim above

Amassing tens of thousands of streams across High Caliber Records‘ pages, this collectively coarse and bone-crushing collab garners the stimulating vocals of Milano The Don and keeps the heavy drops and bass-forward stylization upfront and at center focus.

Festivillainz above

Lump Shit” featuring Milano The Don is an instant party-starter with the looping vocals reciting “We Don’t Give A Fuck“, alerting the listening masses just how violently capable of anarchy this quartet of artists truly is. From high-frequency drops, shrieking basslines, and rattling booms, this track will have you on your feet, middle fingers in the air, and mouthing swear words in no time.

Scafetta above

Each artist’s signature sounds, styles, and fingerprints are apparent and curated to perfection. Milano The Don accentuates and elevates this collab to another level with his authoritative presence on the track, reminding us all why he is called “The Don“.

Milano The Don above

Ridley Slim, Festivillainz, and Scafetta have outdone themselves once more with this release and we can all agree, this needs to happen again and pronto! (wink wink) – find this hellacious heater on High Caliber Records‘ platforms, listen, share, and repeat the process.

What more could we ask for? Another collab? We can’t confirm nor deny these wants but we can revel in the alluring sounds in “Lump Shit” until that day comes – hitting the repeat button until your fingers fall off.

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