Areeb Mahmood & HYLIA Deliver Melodic Bass Cover Of – “I Really Want To Stay At Your House” (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners) From “Look For Me In The Skies” EP [Track Write-Up]

Areeb Mahmood & HYLIA Team Up To Cover “I Really Want To Stay At Your House” From Worldwide Sensational Video Game Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Hit In A Melodic Bass Variation

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Social media these days has made the music industry become something I would have never once thought possible.

One day, I was just casually scrolling, when I came across a vocalist singing the cover of “Some Track From A Movie”, but little did I know this vocal cover was the starting point for something even bigger than I knew was happening at the time.

To me,  this was just a cool track I heard once, but to two other artists in separate countries, it sparked the idea and reimagining from music producer Areeb Mahmood and vocalist HYLIA, and they joined forces to create an absolutely stellar cover of – “I Really Want to Stay at Your House” by Rosa Walton.

This original  track gained widespread recognition upon the release of “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners”. Shortly after these two had teamed up, I casually entered the equation which led to the formation of this write up. 

During my rabbit hole of HYLIA music content, I knew she was an up-and-coming artist I wanted to cover and help get the name out, so I decided to reach out to her about doing coverage.

That was when she pointed me to the direction of Areeb Mahmood and their forthcoming cover which releases April 7th. That is when everything appeared to fall right into place for this article to happen.

Not only did I discover a new vocalist I enjoy, but i also was introduced to Areeb‘s music and his talents which I seriously have enjoyed so much thus far. That’s the beauty of social media, despite all the negatives you may hear.

I was on the hunt for new music, and I discovered two amazing up-and-coming artists which just so happened to be releasing something completely special to them. They each took the initiative to type up a piece on who they are and how this track came to be, so enjoy some words from the featured artists! 

Areeb mentions – “I’m a 17-year-old melodic bass producer from the United States. I don’t often get to watch TV shows or movies because of school, but I decided to check out “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” after I heard all my friends obsessing over it. It was more than worth the hype—it left me with an impact that few shows can.”

pictured: Areeb Mahmood

“One of the final scenes of the show has a song called “I Really Want to Stay at Your House” by Rosa Walton. It’s a beautiful song that really stuck with me when I finished the show, so I immediately began working on a remix of it. In only a few days, I had finished the entire thing, but I felt like I just had to release it. I reached out to HYLIA about turning the remix into a cover, and it turned out that she, too, was impacted by the show and had made a vocal cover of the song.” – Areeb Mahmood

HYLIA adds in – “I am a 25 year old mom, wife, Christian and EDM vocalist/artist. I’ve been singing since I was in elementary school, from talent shows, to worship teams, to YouTube Covers, etc. I grew up being an introverted gamer who fell in love with EDM genre and video game remixes. When I finally started songwriting within the EDM genre and recording vocals it sparked so much creativity in me.”

pictured: HYLIA

“Jumping to now; one evening my husband and I were scrolling Netflix and I saw the banner for “Cyberpunk Edgerunners”. Clicked it immediately as the animation style spoke to me right away. When I heard Rosa sing I was hooked to the song and immediately just did a quick cover in my DAW and that was that. Then, as Areeb explained already; we got talking about the show and he sent me his track. Needless to say his track spoke to me and I immediately offered my vocals. Alongside helping mix the vocals and create some reels; overall this was a passion project that I am so happy to be a part of!” – HYLIA

“I Really Want To Stay At Your House”

Areeb Mahmood and HYLIA cover begins with a stunning piano lead and the stellar voice of HYLIA hitting all of those high notes perfectly. As the drums are slowly introduced, you can feel the tension building as the vocals double up and the pace increases, along with the heartbeat that is the kick drum.

The synth lead Areeb puts on display during the climax of the track, accompanied by the vocalists is truly amazing. These two truly captured an insane amount of emotion with the upbeat yet somber track they created.

The 2nd half of the track keeps the same emotion the synths bring on, but the drums create a more upbeat vibe that in a sense give you hope as the track slowly trickles to its close and the vocals fade out.

Together this duo made an absolutely killer cover of an already great track, and  I truly hope to hear more from this duo in the future!

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