Tek Genesis – Sapphire Channel | WAKAAN Release [EP Write-Up]

Tek Genesis Puts An Illuminating Musical Gem Out On Full-Display With The ‘Sapphire Channel‘ EP Via WAKAAN

Written by: Tate Beumel & Gabe Hamad

Tek Genesis makes his imprint on the WAKAAN label with a story-telling style EP, we take a walk
through the genres and styles that have been a solid representation of their sound. Each song takes on a different era of flow and sound design within the Tek Genesis timeline.

Tek Genesis

Pit Viper‘, the first track, comes in soft with a low tone to fill your ears to prep you for that
bombastic drum beat that will definitely ensure some head bops and body rocks. The atmosphere
around the build-up creates a slow charge up before that drops comes in to stomp the yard and break your neck!

The EP namesake and second track of this EP, ‘Sapphire Channel’ takes a more melodic route
while staying stompy and heavy. That ‘future’ sound that has really been demolishing the scene as of late really resonates in this tune, with very beautiful adlib sounds throughout and a drop that keeps you moving and smiling. Pure euphoria and headbanging are the product of this track, no doubt!

To round up this marvelous release, “Velocity” comes in heavy with the drums for the introduction
of the track and keeps the flow going, then a sudden breakdown… a “stretchy” bass comes in to play with your eardrums a bit, just a little tickle. We jump right into a fast-paced build-up, cracking the beat up to 100! The sound design within this track is absolutely top-notch. Actually, don’t let us kid you, the entire EP is truly top tier.

Tek Genesis

WAKAAN & most importantly, Tek Genesis has really outdone themselves with this release. It
may not be a lengthy one, but these songs are very diverse and create a wonderful environment for more than one genre of the dance community. The heat never stops from these teams and this is just another showcase of their amazing hard work being put into action.

A massive thanks to WAKAAN for the opportunity & Tek Genesis for the incredible talent behind their project and this EP!

‘The Sapphire Channel EP was a project in which I wanted to showcase an expansion of my music production. All the tracks were written over a long course of different periods of my life which showcase various and unique states of thinking. I wrote all of these tracks by myself whilst spending a lot of time in isolation in 2021’ – Tek Genesis

[Stream ‘Sapphire Channel’ Here]

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