Redrum – ‘Pisces Moon’ | SSKWAN Release [EP Write-Up]

A Bewitching EP Releasing On SSKWAN From Redrum

Written by: Sarahi Pelayo

After releasing two phenomenal singles back in May and June, Redrum has captured Liquid Stranger’s downtempo label interest, SSKWAN. ‘Pisces Moon’ will be composed of four spellbinding songs that have more meaning that meets the eye. Redrum composed these four songs in tribute and to help cope with her grief of losing her beloved father who was her biggest supporter when she started producing. Each song title was selected with a meaningful backstory to it even the title of the EP itself holds a deeper meaning. 

While finishing up writing the EP it was during the New Moon in Pisces, a New Moon represents new beginnings and much like her personal life she felt like she was about to start a new chapter after going through trauma and loss.

Here’s what Redrum has to say about her EP, “ ‘Phases‘ was written about going through the first year without him here, and that healing comes in phases, and like the moon it’s okay to feel empty sometimes. ‘Floating‘ and ‘Dreamy‘ were both pieces I wrote without the intention of ever releasing them, and I actually wrote both the pieces in a manic state as a way to get out the emotions I was processing from the loss. ‘Divine‘ is probably my favorite track off the EP, it’s the closing track and is a culmination of my grief and emotions going through that time period.”

The Redrum project was started in hopes to find a creative outlet for such strong emotions she was feeling, instead of inflicting pain onto others she took the trauma and pain and created something so painfully beautiful. Listening to the EP with her story in mind just helps understand how these low temp songs were written and feel the beats just a little more different.

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