Crimxan. When You Have Lazer Vision, All You See Is Red.

Sean Nguyen, a Wyoming-based dubstep producer who sees red. If you aren’t working your a** off everyday like Sean than why even try, right? This aficionado of auditory pleasures is creating some unreal and unheard-of-bass that will carve an impression in your skull. Step the f**k back, take some notes, this dude has the reigns. He’ll win you over, trust us,
Please welcome Crimxan to the storm.

Question 1: Welcome to the storm, Crimxan! We are exuberant to finally get the chance to talk! Walk us through the beginning days of your alias, and upcoming talent into creating music? Who is Crimxan?

Answer 1: First off, I gotta say it’s so exciting to be collaborating with such awesome, and creative artist’s such as yourselves at Monsoon Season, and Jotunn Dubs! The beginning days for Crimxan started in a garage in 2016. At that time I was living out of that garage, and I’d spend all my time trying to understand how music was made, and how I’d like to be perceived as an artist. Crimxan is basically a character that lives in my mind in a very different world. I hope to introduce more of that character, and the world it lives in through my music, and DJ’ing!

Question 2: Is Wyoming your home state? What is like to reside there?

Answer 2: Casper, Wyoming has been my home state since middle school. Before that I moved all over the United States. It’s a small town compared to most cities, but it’s bigger than most small towns. It’s pretty dope living here, and I honestly have met some of the coolest people I’ll ever know while living here. It’s got insane weather at times, but there’s definitely days here that you wouldn’t experience anywhere else in the world!

Question 3: Where do you see the Crimxan movement in 2025? Give us a breakdown of that Utopian year!

Answer 3: At that point, I’m hoping I’ll have many releases/shows that really helps you see, hear, and feel what Crimxan is about. I also hope to share knowledge, and learn from others as much as possible. Within this time I’m just going to love the process, and hope people with follow along with me on this journey.

Question 4: How have you spent your days in the pandemic? Focusing on music I assume? How have you been holding up!?

Answer 4: I’ve been working through most of this pandemic, and luckily other than just a few adjustments I haven’t been insanely affected. Life has been fairly normal other than following the local, and state guidelines for social distancing. Everything has been going really well overall. Im also still heavily focusing as much energy as I can Improving my music, and developing ideas for Crimxan.

Question 5: This mix, what the fuck? What was you and Jotunn Dubs creative process behind the cloudBURST series?

Answer 5: Hahaha yes! Jotunn, and I have been going B2B on mixes for a few years now! At first it was just short 15-min mixes for a Facebook Group Devon created called the 307 Rave Clan, and most times it’s just us Jamming out in my living room trying to show each other some of the craziest shit we’ve ever heard. I know that Jotunn has a huge love for stompy, heavy, tunes. I like to play anything that has insane sound design, a lot of emotion, or tunes that take you on a journey. Id say most of the creative process was really just us jamming out in my living room!

Question 6: What does Casper do best in terms of music?

Answer 6: Casper in terms of music is very diverse! I’d say a lot of the music you do hear regularly is in the bars, and sometimes at events around town! I’m really excited that there’s a growing number of electronic music artists that live here! I’ve somehow, or another have found different groups that have had the same love I do for electronic music since high school, so I’d say this town, and the friends I’ve met have heavily influenced the passion I have for it which is the best thing any music lover could ask for in any town/city.

Question 7: What’s your mindset behind your rage-forward approach to bass music? Where is your “neck-broken” liking to dubstep coming from?

Answer 7: I feel like life can be hard, and there’s a lot of stress/anger in the world. When I listen to heavy destructive music like dubstep it helps me cope with all of it. When you’re at a show in a mosh pit the amount of energy you feel is absolutely insane, and if you think about every thought, feeling, and experience each person has gone through individually; that moment while your pushing your friends/strangers around is a time where you absolutely forget about everything, and can truly feel at peace. That’s what I love about heavy bass music.

Question 8: If you could have a highlight moment in your career thus far, where and when was it?

Answer 8: I’ve been lucky enough to have many highlights so far, and I’d have to say that all of the talented people I get to meet that share the same passion for music is a huge highlight! As far as for Crimxan I’d have to say being able to help out my producer friends, sharing ideas, and goals we have is awesome. I did get to headline a local show last year where I got to play out an original for the first time; that was pretty dope too haha.

Question 9: What’s next in the world of Crimxan? What can we expect?

Answer 9: I’m currently working on new music in hopes to be releasing music very consistently, and soon! I’ve also been working on a website, and other things to help take Crimxan to the next level! 

Question 10: Who do you see killing it the days? Give them a shout out!

Answer 10: My two homies, Jotunn Dubs & TR!P Hvzvrd are absolutely killing it, and there love for electronic music is inspiring!  I do have other artists I support as well, so I’ll link a playlist, so you can hear music from Wyoming artists as well as some friends I’ve met online!

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