DECIMATE Unleashes Profound Sound w/ “Stunned” EP via Disciple Round Table [EP Write-Up]

NEW MUSIC: Rising Bass Music Artist DECIMATE Staggers The Masses via 4-Track ‘Stunned’ EP Featuring 3 Solo Productions + Collab w/ ARTIX! – Found Exclusively On Renowned Label – Disciple Round Table

DECIMATE Shares His Creative Process Behind His “Stunned” EP As We Break Down The EP, Track By Track – GET READY FOR DECIMATION!

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

pictured: DECIMATE Live

[Stunned EP Tracklist]
1. Stunned
2. Chum Bucket
3. 8008135
4. Super Power with ARTIX

Get ready for decimation w/ DECIMATE

Ascending electronic bass music artist known as DECIMATE recently dropped his four-track “Stunned” EP on esteemed bass music record label, Disciple Round Table, and the results are stunningly rambunctious and have us shaking from what we have just heard.

From start to finish, this rising producer has it dialed in, experience-driven, forward-thinking and leaves a lasting impression with each track. A proper push of the envelope and journey outside the norm in today’s music market – DECIMATE does it right!

pictured: DECIMATE

The EP consists of thirteen minutes and eight seconds of pure exhilaration and rowdy basslines fit for the most feral of bass music aficionados and fans. You can expect to find three staggering solo productions titled “Stunned”, “Chum Bucket”, “8008135”, and one helluva collaborative effort with bass music bad boy – ARTIX! titled “Super Power”.

Each installation of the EP speaks for itself as a stand-alone piece, yet DECIMATE has curated these four tracks to seamlessly and effortlessly become one, the “Stunned” EP. Each track could be released individually and still have the impact and auditory authority they naturally garner as one.

As fans and listeners begin their audio experience with DECIMATE’s new EP, they are met with the first of four masterpieces, that, of course, being the flagship titled track “Stunned“. As the track comes to life, we are introduced to the initial electronic soundscapes and riddim basslines, and by golly, they hit ever-so-perfectly.

Secondly, we find “Chum Bucket” coming into focus and piquing our eardrums in the best way possible. The watery, liquified, and wet elements that make up the track are heard and in center focus throughout its duration. DECIMATE does an exceptional job at keeping corners and crevasses in this track packed with surprises that are sure to get you rowdy.

Up next and without notice, is 8008135 (AKA boobies haha). DECIMATE starts the track out in a playfully ominous fashion before all hell lets loose and we are exposed to the real nature of the track. In addition to the riddim and bone-crushing drops, this release is packed with a multitude of quirky and comical soundscapes and musical notes that will keep a smile on your face while you rage to the beat.

As we approach the finale of the EP – “Super Power” with ARTIX! – We can now see the total vision and creative direction brought unto listeners by DECIMATE. This last installation into the “Stunned” EP is a full display of their prowess and capabilities as producers to create music that fans didn’t know they wanted to hear. Who would have thought riddim and reggaeton would blend so well as a rail-breaking beat? You do now, and it slaps!

DECIMATE is no stranger to delivering heat of this caliber to the masses. Whether in the form of music releases such as his “Stunned” EP via Disciple Round Table, or his previous “Purple Saloon” EP via Subtronics‘ imprint label Cyclops Recordings, along with several singles, collabs, guest mixes, and remixes that are prime examples of his brute force and prowess in music production.

In addition to these knockout music releases, DECIMATE has been touring, performing, and creating an unmistakable wave of notoriety with his live sets at festivals like Grimefest in Dallas, TX, Forbidden Kingdom Festival in Orlando, FL, Lost Lands Festival in Legend Valley, Ohio, as well as his national takeover tour with Savage Society Records joined and supported by Blankface, BloodThinnerz, Svgmate, and HAMRO.

Let’s Chat w/ DECIMATE

pictured: DECIMATE

● “I’m happy to share the story behind my latest dubstep music release, the “Stunned” EP. It all started when I was experimenting with new sounds and techniques in my studio. I wanted to create something fresh and unique that would stand out in the crowded dubstep scene.”

“I spent countless hours tweaking and refining my sound design, trying to create metallic and wonky sounds that had never been heard before. I used a combination of synthesis techniques, including FM synthesis, wavetable synthesis, and granulating those synths, to create a wide range of sounds that I could use in my tracks.”

pictured: DECIMATE Live

“Once I had a solid collection of samples, I started working on the tracks themselves. I wanted each track to have its own distinct personality, while still fitting together as a cohesive EP. I experimented with different arrangements and structures, trying to find the perfect balance between energy and finesse.”

“As I worked on the tracks, I also collaborated with my homie ARTIX! to create our final tune on the EP. With his help, we were able to smash out a reggaeton/riddim banger!”●


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