BASSCVLT Lights It Up w/ Multi-Genre “BLAZECVLT III” Compilation Featuring Eleven Rising Artists & Twelve Tracks [Album Write-Up]

BASSCVLT Delivers The Goods For 4/20 w/ Release Of The “BLAZECVLT III” Compilation Album Showcasing 12 New Tracks From Today’s Underground

Storm Report By: Garth Jones

Tuna Melt | CashCult | BNYN | Anger Issues | OccizorXYKO | DEV TRO | Daunter DatTrak | 24kpersian | Eckhaus | Aaron Kruk

It comes as no surprise after the first two wildly successful BLAZECVLT compilations from BASSCVLT that a third installment was upcoming in the smoky rotation. This massive collection of artists will feature twelve tracks from eleven artists. All spanning several genres of dance music, you’ll hear the salacious sounds of dubstep, tech house, riddim, bass house and others.

The artists include Monsoon Season storm alumni Eckhaus, Tuna Melt, DEV TRO, Daunter, Occizor, XYKO, Aaron Kruk, and new faces CashCult, BNYN, Anger Issues, DatTrak, and 24kpersian on this stacked set of tracks.

The label is fresh off the loving cusps of their latest compilation Break Necks Not Hearts compilation this past February which rocked a mean lineup of talent that left listeners and us floored.

BASSCVLT has an keen eye and tight grip on scouting talent for their label. We are always pumped to see and hear who they find. If you like finding new talent and music to listen to – give them a follow on social media to stay up to date with all things BASSCVLT.


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