Dashi – Side Effects [Track Write-Up]

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[Ottawa-based] artist and everybody’s favorite wondrous wolf is back with an absolute house-music anthem for the upcoming season. ‘Side Effects‘ bounces and jumps right into your eardrums as an energetic and upbeat aggregation of stadium-sized sounds. Attention grabbing, perceptively gripping, assuredly we are in for a good time.

We enter the original release in a marching-band sounding drum-beat, establishing a certitude of formation and structure. Dashi subsequently goes on to administer a virtual dosage of your nostalgic and necessary video game’s environmental soundscapes for the pleasure-effects to last. This illustrious loop channels in every facet of your favorite house-track stomping that 4-on-the-floor feel.

Dashi prepares to leave his imprint on 2020 in a fashionable way, we can assume just about all the bells and whistles (howls) coming out for this one. 2021 also manifests pure excitement as his catalog of surefire plans bleed into next year. (Maybe even with us, here at Monsoon Season).

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