Weekend Warriors Sound The Alarm w/ “Danger” – His NEW Single OUT NOW & Chats About Going Solo + More [Artist Interview]

Weekend Warriors Finally Release Long-Awaited “Danger” Single After Excision Rinses It Several Times On Tour, Opens Up About Being A Solo Act, & Shares His Plans For 2023

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Andre Vahamonde of Weekend Warriors stops to chat about his new highly-anticipated self release single “Danger“. Formerly a duo, Weekend Warriors is now working overtime to give his listeners and day-one fans a reminder that the weekend isn’t over just yet with plenty of new music to show for it.

With the release of “Danger” now a living reality, listeners can now binge listen to the track Excision was rinsing on his latest national tour as they dangerously please. “Danger” lives up to be a highlight track in the Weekend Warrior discography and a secret weapon to letting crowds know that he means business on stage.

Danger” is packed with menacing basslines, spine-tingling builds, and hellacious drops that are sure to break necks and turn heads. From start to finish, each corner and crevasse to this release is brimming with powerful bass growls, unreal sound design, and energy-packed structure. It’s easy to think why Excision rinsed this in his headlining sets.

Hey Alexa, play “Danger” by Weekend Warriors!

Let’s Chat w/
Weekend Warriors

What’s It Like Going Solo?

“It definitely feels a little weird going solo on this project, it is a decision that has been in the air for a few years now, and it isn’t one we ever wanted to make. I do wish the best for him, and his future endeavors. It will feel weird going on stage without him, but I am excited to get back out there, and I do think it will be a little less stressful. It is harder to play B2B with people sometimes, then by yourself. It is also difficult when the occasional conflicting idea/mix comes to play, and we couldn’t always meet up and practice to get on the same page.”

Creative Process?

“I had a lot of fun making this tune. It all just seemed to flow together very easily for some reason, and I finished the main structure/idea in one day. At the time I really liked songs with that crazy telephone sounding sustain, so I tried to put a lot of that stuff on the track. I always tend to use a lot of screechy sounds in my music that accompany heavy growl like basses, but I feel like these all fit together really well on this track.”

Excision Playing “Danger” In His Sets On Tour

“It is crazy to me that Excision played it on almost every stop of his tour last year. I was literally shaking when I stumbled upon a video someone had posted on Facebook in the Excision’s Headbanger Group. He was the first dubstep artist I have seen perform live back in 2010, so he is a huge inspiration to me, and to see him play one of my tracks was surreal!”

“I think I am making some of the best music I have made yet, so I am looking forward to the future, and finally being able to share these tunes with everyone! I know a lot of people have been waiting for this track so I hope you all enjoy, and hope it was worth the wait!”

Plans for 2023?

“Some goals I have for the year, is to release all the tunes I have been sitting on for a while now. I hope everyone is ready to hear new music because I will release a ton of tracks this year, and I’m hoping that some of them land on some big labels. I am also looking forward to playing some proper shows in some new places, as well as returning to some favorite spots as well!”

Before You Go! Last Remarks?

“Lastly, I want to thank anyone who supports, and listens to my music. It means the world to me! Big thanks to all the promoters, and other artists who believe in us! I hope to continue this journey to conquer the weekend with all of you, and make new friends and family along the way! “


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