ISOLIT Debuts His NEW Tearout Single “Annihilate” via Corrosive Records [Track Write-Up]

ISOLIT Releases Bass Heavy Tearout Single “Annihilate” On Corrosive Records – Easily A Track That Needs A Warning Sign To Prepare The Masses

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Art: Fatal Media

Milwaukee, Wisconsin‘s ISOLIT puts down a monster of a release titled “Annihilate” on Corrosive Records to let his fans and listeners know what his intentions are for this year’s festival season… pure annihilation, that is!

From start to finish, “Annihilate” leaves you jaw-dropped and in state of awe. Each piece, portion, crack, and crevasse of this track is riddled with gut-wrenching and hair-raising basslines, powerful drops, and suspenseful builds.

ISOLIT mentions to us:

“I really just wanted to make some very crunchy sounding angry music that would create chaos in the pits. This song came together very naturally. I believe I finished the whole song within a 3 hour session.”

The timing of each vocal sample or pre-drop chants such a the menacing giggles are all perfectly placed to keep listeners hooked and wanting more. ISOLIT showcases his skill and ability to go fucking feral. A true treat to the ears and mind.

With recent releases such as SLEG and GAS both on Biophaze Records, and WTF his self-released original, and now “Annihilate” on Corrosive Records in his arsenal for the masses to consume, we are sure they will share the same opinion that ISOLIT is a beast.

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Annihilate” is OUT NOW

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