The Hotel Lobby – Monster (Perfetto Remix) [Track Write-Up]

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[Written by: Sarahi Pelayo]

Perfetto- The Hotel Lobby’s Monster Remix with Trap Twist

Art: Kevin Ackerman

[Maryland-based producer] Perfetto is known for his electronic music within the EDM community. Although he is diverse when creating his music he is illustrious for his heavy trap beats in which his newest remix release falls anything but short of it. He has created his own twist of Hotel Lobby’s ‘Monster’, and if you haven’t yet listened to it then you’re missing out on adding it to your playlist.

The remix was recently released on February 26 and already has over 2 thousands listens. The Hotel Lobby have already reposted the remix on their SoundCloud as well and there are numerous comments supporting this tune!

The intro has an echo after effect with the lyrics being identified as rap. As the lyrics continue it quickly starts to build with the bass becoming quicker in tone, as the peak hits the drop with a trap beat. The song fades into its original beat from the start and the person who raps the lyrics starts up again, the main focus saying ‘Monster’. As the rap because more intense so does the beat in the background until it rises to it’s second beat and we are thrown a side drop as it implodes into some hardstyle. As the song continues It switches up in beat to a rapid trap with the lyrics coming back and finally stops with “Monster” echoing out.

{Listen To Monster (Perfetto Remix)]


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