Witch Doctor – The Witch’s Brew [Track Write-Up]

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From the very beginning, the eerie and pulsating sounds of this track are so beautifully united, the listener really can’t help but get excited about what the Witch Doctor is stirring up. Perfectly named, The Witch’s Brew, this whole song really shows us a beautiful and diverse mixture of some of our favorite bass music ingredients. The highly intense, laser-like energy in this one is quite catchy and heavily prevalent throughout. This experimental, free-form attention grabber is a true dubstep lover’s dream, no doubt!
Written by: Krystle Skyye


The Witch’s Brew is a track name that I find a unique name that has you envisioning what you could be walking into! The Witch Doctor was able to brew an intoxicating spell of freeform bass in this song that had me hooked from beginning to end. Everything begins so subtly, and gradually the sounds are building up! 20 seconds in, we are hit with some wubz, and some drums and the spell begins to be cast causing me to step back and rewind, there is this saying, “If it’s nice, we play it twice.” So happened to me, my definition of twice turned out to be 5 times. I was blown away by this song and the way Witch Doctor embraced the concept of freeform bass and handled it marvelously.

I noticed some unique hybrid designs in the track that had me hooked due to how well it was placed and designed, and also due to me having a soft spot for hybrid sound designs. This artist utilized clever techniques in panning the sounds to keep the listener hooked! The intros leading to the drops of the song are written with a melodic and eerie feeling, but it’s written to keep you captivated on what you are going to hear next!

Witch Doctor delivered marvelously from start to finish, and I am only excited for what other spells Witch Doctor will be casting in the future! I can only expect that this doctor will be creating more spells that are able to influence storms! Who knows what else could be susceptible to the influences of Witch Doctor? I am at the edge of my seat curious to see what is to come!
Written by: Zachary Sharabii 

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