Finderz Keeperz: Down The Rabbit Hole Live Stream Festival [Artist Interview]

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[Interview: Finderz Keeperz]

Q1: For our readers and your soon-to-be fans, who is Finderz Keeperz? Take us back to the beginning, will you?

A1: Where do you find & keep the memories? 2016! Joe and I met on Facebook. I had discovered that Street Fighter on PS2 had all of the audio samples on the physical disc. So I made a post asking who wanted to work on a Street Fighter collab and Joe reached out! We did a track as Abellion & LZ our monikers at the time called ”Dark Hadou”. We liked our workflow and results so much we decided to be a duo! Fun fact: We got our name from walking Joe’s dog one day, we found a USB on the ground and said ”finders keepers!”. The rest is honestly history.

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Q2: Down The Rabbit Hole is closer than it is far. What can we expect from your set and performance? Anything over-the-top planned?

A2: Mostly just a combo of heavy bass music. You can expect some of our upcoming unreleased music as well as edits and double drops we have curated. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did create it!


Q3: 2021 is a new, fresh, and much-needed restart for lots of folks. How do you plan to make this year that much more impressionable for your fans across the globe?

A3: More music. We have a lot of unreleased tracks that we have been finishing during the downtime of the pandemic. We recently rebranded our image and will be rolling out social media content once everything goes back to normal!

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Q4: OUTSIDERS with Vastive is a main-stay here at our offices, being the fourth most listened to track of this year; we are curious! What the f**k were you thinking when in the moment of mania? The creative process must have been unprecedented?

A4: Have to give a big shout-out to Vastive here. A lot of people don’t realize that it wasn’t just a collab. He did the vocals as well. The energy his voice brought to the table forced our hand to write something savage and chest punching. He made the build and vocals and part of the first drop and we just added our style! We are all really good friends, so it was nice to finally do something together on paper and it gets such a great response.

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Q5: Who is on your radar right now? Give them a fervent and heart-felt Finderz Keeperz shout-out!

A5: Vastive, for reasons stated above. High Zombie! He has been so helpful to us with guidance and hooking us up with Ableton goodies! Also, he is a mad man in Ableton! Cyclops! Love everything he has released. Dude is so funny on social media and just a great person/producer. Perses! We go way back with him since his days as crystalize! He is always pushing the boundaries of what EDM music is. Oddprophet! He has really helped teach us and level up our sound and overall quality to our music.

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