Ruens – ‘Don’t Let Go’ Feat. Ezra Hyte | Officially Ruened Records Release [Track Write-Up]

Ruens Grabs The Attention Of The Masses With ‘Don’t Let Go’ Featuring Ezra Hyte, An Uplifting Experience on Officially Ruened Records

Written by: Garth Jones

Los Angeles-located dance music producer Ruens delivers a call-to-action track with his latest release ‘Don’t Let Go’ featuring the emotive and gripping vocals of Ezra Hyte on Officially Ruened Records. Brimming with positivity and upbeat feel-good type structure, this atmospheric release from the two can flip a switch, strike a heartstring, and turn any frown upside down in little to no time at all. A rarity in today’s day and age, but when they are found, the magic they envelope is to be cherished and frankly played on repeat.

‘There’s A Fire In Your Soul, I Can Feel It Getting Warmer Every Time We Lock Eyes’

Ruens doesn’t skip a beat in this new release while Ezra Hyte astonishingly says all the right words in such a serenading fashion, concluding in a cohesive and electrically marital combination.
Instantly, upon playing the release you are succumbed to the soft, easy-going, and remarkably spoken lyrics of Ezra Hyte. Each word accents the next with such power and emotion, creating and painting the picture of the setting he describes in textbook detail.

pictured: Ruens

Ruens wastes no time at all inserting a plethora of upbeat soundscapes to fortify Ezra Hyte‘s lyrics. Reminding us all that happy and sad can live harmoniously, complimenting each other, and coming together as one under one roof. This sing along style track beckons the listener to belt at the the top of their lungs, all the while busting your favorite dance move, extending your hands out, shouting ‘Don’t Let Go‘.

pictured: Ezra Hyte

Pleasantly perched at an impressive 2:54, these two have created an unforgettable experience with each of their respective trades as lyricist and producer at their rawest forms, aggregating as if they were polymeric as one from the get-go.
Do yourself the favor, the justice, and the treat by giving this a deep listen. Take the time to hear each word, each sound, and how they come together as one to deliver the emotive and uplifting notes of a true production. An outright auditory exploration into the minds and hearts of both Ruens and Ezra Hyte.

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