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[Interview: InSulin]

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Q1. For anyone who might not know, who is InSulin? Take us back to the beginning and refresh our memory!

A1. Born and raised in Detroit, but also spending part of my life in Chicago. I’m a slow rising artist/ Producer. I Produce and make high-energy bass house, house, tech house, and dubstep. Working in the studio for some years now, InSulin has perfected his bass shaking production with driving kick drums, dynamic breaks, and a sonic presence that is sure to keep your feet moving all night. InSulin currently works with multiple labels including Diverge Records, Gangsta House Records, ,Phunk Junk . He has also had a few songs released on G Mafia Records and an upcoming release with Sub 41 . Within the last four years, InSulin has played numerous shows from clubs to the festival life . You can expect to see much more of him as he is quickly ascending and taking the Midwest by storm


Q2. The EP at hand, right off the bat has high peaking energy. Is there any backstory to the bustling nature of the EP? What was the inspiration behind it?

A2. Honestly, I always try to bring as much of my energy and love into my music as possible . I wanted to bring that old rave style/ fist bumping sound to the people who are listening and streaming it. I could also add there are many artists I have been looking up to that have a similar outlook on music as me . Including Danny Way, Sikdope, Alrt, Qlank Yultron, Kayzo and many more.

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Q3. What made you feel DIVERGE was the best place for Hot Sauce?

A3. Diverge Records has been a label I’ve been following, and looking up to, since I started listening to edm. They would always have these amazing new releases from underground artists that just had some incredible deep dark a dirty bass styles to their drops. I have a handful of artist songs downloaded and streamed from their label. This has just been a label I have aspired to be a part of since I started making music. I would like to just add , fellow artist, and producers, please don’t ever stop going after what you want. Because, anything is possible.


Q4. As far as the EP’s production and creative processes; how did it all happen? What kept you coming back with fresh and articulate ideas for the tracks and EP as a whole? 

A4. This EP had to be hands down one of my favorites to make. The way the energy rarely slows down, the kicks and percussion would just kept drawing me back for more. It was like a mad addiction where no matter what you couldn’t stop but to keep finding more ways to spice it up. The vocals also would just spike the energy and vibe up.


Q5. Can we expect any more from you in the near future? Dose us with some details.

A5. In the future you will definitely be seeing, and hearing a lot more of fast bass bumping tunes from me. I have a few other songs that have recently been signed from some other outstanding labels. Those will be coming out in the spring of 2021 and summer. Also I have a few flips of some other artist amazing work i’ll be releasing under the radar on my SoundCloud for you all the jam out to. 


Q6. Who do you each see putting in the work, lately? Give them your shout-outs and intricate InSulin love!

A6. I would also love to give a big shout out to some amazing artists / friends of mine that have been kickass in the scene lately . First off if you’re a fan of some grimey bass house or some night bass style songs you’re going to want to check my buddies Qlank, Juice the DJ, and blk out. They have been releasing some amazing bangers lately. Also I have to give it up to my man Danny Time. He has been bringing some amazing new tunes and sounds to the speed house genre that’s picking up.


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