Noxious: AL-Based Artist Gasses Up The Masses With His Toxic Soundscapes, Sending Off Plumes Of Proof [Artist Spotlight/Interview]

Alabama-Based Electronic DJ & Producer Pulls Back The Curtains On Who He Is, Intoxicating Tunes, & Answers Some Questions

Cloud Coverage By: Zachary Sharabii

A Noxious Storm

Contrary to the literal definition of the word noxious, translated with a negative meaning, this artist brings the metaphorical and personified aspect of the word with bringing this project called Noxious, into a manifested and musical aspect!

We always say in the EDM world that a song is gross, or something is sick, or nasty and etc. When you understand the positive context that is behind negatively rooted words describing songs in the EDM world, you can gain a better sense of what Tamer Almasalmeh brings to the table.

The individual that is pulling strings and curating the Noxious project and brewing a vicious storm.

photo: Skyper

Based in Pensacola, FL, this artist had his first release with Play Me Records, and Noxious is growing steadily, having played shows in Atlanta, Georgia, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Raleigh, North Carolina, some of Noxious’s favorite places to perform at the moment!

Some venues that Noxious can’t get enough of performing at would be, Believe Music Hall in Atlanta, the Texas Club in Baton Rouge, and the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, NC, fun fact these venues are the top 3 favorites for this artist!


Noxious has a new release called Back Again, collaborating with Bonkers and releasing with Cryogen & Electrostep Records! 

I was blessed to get an exclusive listen before the release, and I wanted to be able to elaborate on the flow of this song to mentally prepare you for the release on Electrostep and Cryogen on October 8th, 2022!

And let me just tell you now without being cliche, yall are in for a lovely treat when this song releases! Starting with a lovely array of synth structure and pluck elements that will hook you for the build, the bass and 808s are gonna keep you on your feet!

Also, #SustainBassfor2023, since the year is almost over. (If you understand what I’m saying, you know if you know, if you don’t know, this is where you should message an artist homie, or if you don’t know who to ask, send a message to one of our Monsoon pages that works the smoothest for you!)

This song has a beautiful hybrid trap flow as it was aimed for. You’re on the lookout for three different types of drop flows executed in under 3 minutes, beautifully placed while maintaining the flow and theme of the song! 

Noxious maintains the trap and dubstep aspect of his musical art in a beautiful manner.

This artist has other amazing works that have been released, an older classic from Noxious is a song called Hemorrhage, featuring Milano the Don. When you have Milano rapping over a song, you know it’s going to be a heater!

Another great song created by Noxious that is more recent is called Air Raid, being almost half a year fresh. You can notice the growth in this artist throughout all the songs you listen to and are able to discover!

I wanted to explain things further about Noxious, so you can have a better understanding when you see Noxious’s name on a label you love, you’ll remember! More importantly, I want you, the reader, to have more information about this artist!

I wanted to ask a few questions but leave you room and motivation to reach out on your own time, to connect, and get to know this sick, skilled individual! I feel could be important to a reader that is viewing this juicy article!




[Noxious Interview]

Question 1: What are some obstacles that you see growing in the industry that you would like to point out to learning producers and DJs? Tell me more about your brand, and what artists inspire you.

Noxious: I started the brand, Noxious, to pursue my love for bass music. I’ve been a club DJ for about 10 years now, expanding into production 5 or so years ago. Creating a new alias, for my own produced music was an exciting feeling! A few artists that inspire me would have to be Kompany, FREAKY, and LOUIEJAYXX. The combination of dubstep and hybrid trap that is utilized by these artists just sits so well with me! So I try to illustrate that in my production! 

Noxious (cont.): Answering the question regarding obstacles for growing producers/DJs in the field: Some of the biggest obstacles growing in this industry that I’ve noticed up n comers struggle with, would have to be your content and online presence. Whenever booking with a promoter those will be the first two things they look at, your content, and of course your online presence! Are you making engaging posts, engaging with the fans that are interacting with you, etc. 

Question 2: Who are some artists that you’ve been growing within this journey that you feel need to be mentioned? What are some goals that you have aimed for for your project? 

Noxious: Some of my goals for Noxious are keeping consistent with production and releases, diving more into remixes and VIPs, as well as expanding into the west coast! The southeast has treated me well and I want to keep pushing out here, but branching out is important! Everybody needs to get a lil’ Noxious in their life! In regards to people I’ve grown with this journey, a couple of homies I came up with would be Dank Williams, SilentKnight, and Jaycee just to name a few!

 My brother Dank and I toured with GlowRage for a few years! Throwing down the bass and paint in so many cities!  

The duo SilentKnight consists of KillaxCam & MVKK homies from the panhandle. Performing and throwing shows under the company “Electrik Lights” Which provided super unique shows in the area! 

My guy Jaycee and I had our first label released on Play Me Records, a song called Eclipse!
Jaycee really kept it going!! Gotta give a shoutout to my boys for continuing to kill it in the industry even years later!



More from Zachary:

I also think it’s absolutely crucial to maintain this aspect as a growing artist and I wanted to cosign on this based on following those steps, people think it’s no big deal, but it can actually come into a significant hindrance.

It’s important to maintain a sustaining project that thinks about the bigger picture, and that bigger picture will factor in having conscious regard for your following and your curious listeners!

It’s not wise to always think of click-baiting posts that just create conflict but increase reach, when we have so many people doing that in different fields, you’re creating obstacles for people being able to connect with the real you, and yes conflict can be inevitable, but you shouldn’t be constantly baiting and starting things!

If you can stick to a progressive point and not have things twisted inappropriately, I consider it a well-executed post, especially when it maintains a progressive level of engagement and reach!

Adding to practicing conscious regard, thinking of something sustaining for your listeners, while thinking of something sustaining for yourself, can help you with figuring out things in the long term that make the biggest difference behind the curtains!


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