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Spritzur – Alberta’s Up & Coming Bass Music Producer Stops To Chat [Interview/Spotlight]


Spotlight: Spritzur Sheds Light On His Musical Journey In This Exclusive Interview & Focus Article

Cloud Coverage By: Zachary Sharabii

pic: Spritzur

Sharabii here, back to report about another artist that is catching wind, and creating quite a storm! This artist goes by the name of Spritzur, but his real name is Tony Kurani.

Currently based in Alberta, Canada, but that doesn’t stop this artist from grabbing the attention of people in the USA.

This wicked skilled producer has opened for Spag Heddy, Yakz, Sickick, Jawns, We Are Fury, and many more at some of the largest venues based in Alberta.

Venue examples, such as Palace Theatre YYC and Union Hall YEG. This artist also has his music downloaded by Excision and was recently assigned an A&R position with Holy Trap! When you dive into Spritzur’s SoundCloud you will be in for a treat of some variety! 

As you would expect from someone that earned a position with Holy Trap, this producer delivers beautifully with the direction he takes in music production. Personally speaking, I will always have a soft spot for trap-styled songs, starting from his release 2 years ago, he self-releases a song Jaal, and that song will bring you back to the days when a lot of shows would play trap music.

But this artist only continues to gain a wide amount of attention for those 2 years. Releasing a song on Hybrid Trap with Jeffsua, called Pandora’s Box, previously releasing a song with Kuhlosul, called Paladin on Badmouth Records.
Kuhlosul is another producer that is steadfast in creating a storm with their stellar sound design as well. So you know, Spritzur is heading in the right direction with what he’s aiming to deliver!  

I figured it would be appropriate to mention a few questions I wanted to ask him with the intention of relaying some valuable information were for one aspect, you get to know this artist better, and second, to also to take a couple of notes on how to grow in your journey!


Spritzur @ Union Hall opening for Slushii

Question 1) Who are some artists that you’ve been growing within the journey that you wanna give a shoutout to? 

Spritzur: Kuhlosul, Jeffsua, and Frankie Sinn. My favorite people to collab with and they are my closest friends in the industry! 

Question 2) What are some words of wisdom you’d like to pass along to other producers growing in this music industry?

Spritzur: Do a little bit every day! Consistency goes a long way, give yourself a set amount of time per day that you can dedicate to your music (an hour for example) It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be producing every day, it can be something on the manner of playing around with Serum and creating sounds, working on sound design structure, watching a production live stream, or even just doing thoughtful listening and analyzing your favorite tracks. In the end, nonetheless, it’s important that you put in that time! 

Question 3: What are some “Don’t Do’s” that you would pass along to other producers? 

Spritzur: Don’t rip other people’s tunes and don’t look down on artists “smaller” than you because there’s something that you can learn from everyone! And lastly, to mention, don’t give up, there will be days where you create absolutely nothing for hours while in your DAW, but that’s absolutely okay, just come back and try again the next day!
As mentioned in one of my previous answers, it’s about consistency. Not giving up, even when you have bad sessions in sound design is part of the process! 


I couldn’t agree any more with what Spritzur has mentioned! I feel these are keynotes to take away, a lot of people will mention things similarly, and I don’t want to dull out the fact that these are proper solutions to allow music producers to grow in this journey.

You can grind your way to earning an A&R position, you can grind your way to releasing off the labels you strive for. Consistency is key, and always maintaining the mindset of growth and accepting mistakes is part of the journey.

You can reach the destination points and continue to amplify the progressive impacts that are contributed to our music community. Spritzur spoke facts, but what also needs to be a fact is you check him out, send him a message, take notes, and I’ll catch y’all next time! Sharabii of Monsoon Season, signing out!

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