Lowke – ‘In The Dark’ | Electrostep Network Records Release [EP Write-Up] DEBUT 4-Track Bass Extended Play

Lowke Debuts His ‘In The Dark’ EP, Garnered with 4 Neck-Breaking Tracks Via Electrostep Networks Records

Cloud Coverage By: Gabe Hamad

Grab your bass face Monsoon family, today I have a heavy one to introduce to you! Today we welcome back the bass producer Lowke and bring to you an in-depth look at his new EP “In The Dark” via Electrostep Network Records.

He does an excellent job setting the tone and completely snaps on each track. I got to take a closer look so let’s dive in.

The intro track for this EP sets the atmosphere for the rest of the songs. This one is absolutely bonkers and is my favorite on the EP. I really enjoyed how he builds tension and ultimately destroys it when it releases.

It’s intense, emotional, and electrifying. I love the little breakdowns in the first drop and how different each drop is afterward. This will be one to get every dance floor moving as we continue through 2022.

“No One Can Save You” ft. Twisted Dubz – We get a treat on this one featuring bass artist Twisted Dubz. These guys went in – I like the mystic ambient lead they chose between each focal point. It really pulls the ears in and gets the audience ready for the electrifying drops. Ones that are definitely different from the rest of ‘In The Dark’.

I really took notice of what they did and thought It was unique what they created and how everything is introduced.

pic by: Nick VanLoon

“F*CK Riddim” – This one is intense. I really enjoyed the metal elements in this one it compliments the drop very well! The drop on this one is very fierce and unforgiving!

After the first drop, it breaks down and drops again I was very drawn to this part because it creates more tension making the next drop very intense. This song ultimately doesn’t stop going in with a whopping four astounding drops.

pictured: Lowke

This is one-of-a-kind in itself because most songs only have 2-3 drops! The last 2 drops are absolutely insane! I really enjoyed how he uses tearout sounds to solidify he isn’t playing any games in the studio.

“Dropping Bombs” – Without a doubt, this one lives up to its name. This one is the bomb, for sure. I really enjoyed what he did with the drop using tearout! It creates a lot of emotion and intensity in this track!

I also really enjoyed how different the first drop and second drop are. It really shows the creativity behind Lowke solidifying his authenticity.

Overall this is a masterpiece and I’m very excited to watch Lowke’s success grow. This EP is out now on all platforms. Make sure to show some love and go listen and follow Lowke on social media.

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