HARI – ‘Girrafly’ | Mean Mug Music Release [EP Write-Up] Brand New 4-Track Dubstep Heater

HARI – Drops A Nasty Bass Extended Play Titled ‘Girrafly’ Ready For Any Headbanger via Mean Mug Music

Storm Coverage By: Gabe Hamad

Stand up and dive in today we will be bringing our monsoon family into the mystic mind of bass artist HARI! Debuting his first EP with Mean Mug Music Girrafly’ is making waves across all platforms!

This EP is sub-bass paradise and hope everyone is prepared! I got a first-hand look at this unique EP and will be breaking it down for the storm.

Rolla’ – What an introduction to this beautifully written EP. This song is intense from the moment it starts with an ambient vocal lead that builds into a very dirty bass hook.


Right in the middle of the song it breaks down and changes which I was drawn to the most! Creating lots of tension we arrive at the last drops where the bass hook intensifies blowing its audience back certifying this EPs authenticity.

‘Live & Die Wrecked’This one really speaks! As it starts very eloquently this one takes a pencil dive into the depths of the unknown! HARI’s creativity shines bright as he sets a steady pace establishing a very fluid flow. His low end stands out very well along with his drums! I also really enjoyed the vocal lead in this one making it very impactful.

HARI does an excellent job blending everything together and making this very vibrant! ‘Girrafly’ is originality at its core. He does a great job setting the rhythm and building a psychedelic ambiance for the audience.

This song is deep with a monster low-end sub bass that drives listeners all the way through the song.

This one really stands out to me and sets the expectation for the EP! HARI does his fans justice by allowing his energy to flow and reflects well what vibe a Girrafly has!

pic by: @whit3rav3rrafting

‘Deep Cut’ – lives up to its name, this song hits deep! Starting with a very eerie space-like atmosphere we get introduced to some that were so big it will have any dance floor shaking! This song is very intricate and presents itself like it’s melting as the song comes to a close!

This one is a journey from start to finish This EP is nothing less of a masterpiece! HARI does an excellent job setting the tone & atmosphere of this EP and really brings the Girrafly to life! This EP fits very well with the label it’s being put out on!

Make sure you show some love and stream ‘Girrafly’ today!!

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