Noetika – ‘Entering The World Of Noetika’ [Artist Spotlight/Interview]

Entering The World Of Noetika – An Artist Spotlight & Interview Special

Written by: Zachary Sharabii

Getting back into the storm of writing and covering sick skilled producers to avalanche building movements, I’d like to get down in jiggy with something different. I want to take you into the world of Noetika, translating to a world that is existent within our brains. Starting with a name like that with a deep meaning, I know this is going to be a good time.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of someone that has a name that listeners can take a sustaining meaning from what they lay their ears towards. Creating something that your listeners can take off their shoes and jump into the world being curated by the producer is a really important key when creating a progressive and sustaining movement that goes outside of the producer and being inclusive with relating to people that are part of the music community!

Kyle Szlenk, Chicago raised, but based in Denver, Colorado has gotten the attention from Monsoon Season, and not only us and it’s with absolute pleasure that I have the opportunity to allow people the chance to get to know this artist more in depth! 

Noetika, has been creating a storm with releasing a stellar E.P. on Prime Audio, and getting a lot of attention for his self releases! I got to ask Noetika some questions that I think everyone should know, and I will be getting down with him over on our Monsoon Season Instagram to have a more intimate Q and A, and break off some of the answers and questions mentioned in this write up! 

Noetika does a lovely job showcasing his skill in sound design while being able to mash up different genres flowed cohesively into one song! A really lovely example of this is his remix of Ellie Goulding and Juice World’s (RIP), Hate Me.

Noetika brings out a beautiful array of melodic ambience with his take of this song. Allowing the song to start at the front of the song to hook the listener, but you can hear the difference begin to gradually build into this remix! Leading into a beautiful and electrifying build up, he takes the drop away with a beautiful synth flow, the layer work for the drop flow blends beautifully, with different sounds layering together within beautiful harmony. 

Continuing after the drop and bringing you back into the song, we’re captivated into singing the lyrics, and taken into a second drop, normally you would expect the second drop sequence to be similar to the one before, but the second drop takes you on a heavy side!

Having one side that takes you on a serene and peaceful side, while for the second sequence you get the heavy bass ferociousness that “Get’s the people GOING.” This is also another way you can see different perspectives you can have when listening to the original song with a different lens which I think is a significant thing to mention when listening to the song! 

I wanted to start the discussion by getting you familiar with a song with reference from other artists that you may be familiar showcasing what he can do with his E.P. on Prime Audio. With seeing the twist in different flows with this song. Noetika continues to shine and gain people’s attention when releasing his No Future E.P. with Prime Audio (linked above). 

While taking you on a beautiful and melodic dance with how he writes his intros, the drop sequences with each song in the E.P. Noetika makes it a strong point that he is a force worth paying attention to! I mentioned before about how this sick skilled producer blends different genres into one song! No Future E.P. is another strong example of how well this producer can blend different flows while cohesively remaining in theme with the song structure!

Gotti Roll, Dubplate, Flakuh are some favorite songs of mine that I wish to mention showing the variety and precision that executed with grace in creating very unique tracks that you don’t hear from many! 

Noetika also released his Fungal Mind E.P. on Make Wavs, a group based in Denver, Colorado. A group that is doing the bass lord’s work with helping give underground producers a chance to shine and share their song’s they’ve been working on! This E.P. is every aspect of heavy, funky, and wubby and with having two tracks, you really want to know and hear more about Noetika!

He will also be self-releasing a single called, Rain” that is set to release around August 3rd, so note that on your google or apple calendar! Below are some questions I got the answers for that I felt would be cool to share with everyone! I will also be getting down, jiggy, and gritty with additional details on our Monsoon Instagram, so stay locked on our socials for more information about that.



Q1. What got you hooked into this music scene to make you say, this is it chief? Who are artists you look up to?

A1: I would say it happened over a long period of time, there was not one specific thing that made me get into the whole music thing. 

I started going to shows in high school because of artists like GRiZ and Excision, which led to my friends and I DJing all the time at home and house parties. Once I moved to CO for college, and had more time on my hands, I started getting into production. After that, I was addicted. 

A lot of my inspiration comes from the artists I enjoy listening to. So it constantly changes! When I first started producing, I had a lot of inspiration from dubstep artists like Svdden Death and Leotrix. More recently, I have been really into neuro bass artists like kLL sMTH and EazyBaked. GRiZ and Pretty Lights also have a huge inspiration on my day to day life, not just music. I could go on for hours about what artists inspire me, but those are the first ones to come to mind. 


Q2. What do you strive to do differently to stand out within a batch of artists on a lineup?

A2:  I want to make sure that I release many styles of music, not just one style. I want the project to constantly be evolving, and giving the fans a wide variety of genres. 

My goal with Noetika is to build a community of open minded fans who are willing to dive head-first into new experiences and new styles of music. Because of the brain theme of the project, I would love to incorporate mindfulness and meditation as well. 


Q3. What are some words of wisdom you think should be passed along to other learning producers?

A3: Ignore every rule you hear about production and never take it too seriously! Once you start doing that, you will make your best music. 


Q4. What are some things you would like to disclose about the upcoming future of Noetika?

A4: I have a lot of new music coming for the next year or two, and I’m so excited to share it! I will be doing lessons soon, and I will have some recorded Ableton courses for anyone interested! Other than that, I just wanna say thanks to anyone who listens to my weird robot music and supports me! You guys are the best!


Q5. How did the obstacles that started during COVID and after affect you? How did you find ways to carry through? 

A5: COVID happened during my last couple semesters of college. So, it definitely made things weird for me, as it did for everyone. Balancing school, music, and work is always hard. Then you throw in a pandemic, and it makes it way harder to balance. Practicing meditation, mindfulness, and exercise always helps me stay happy and healthy during weird times like that. But, I always like to find the positive in things. The pandemic caused this huge wave of new, talented bedroom producers to emerge. Everyone was locked inside producing more than usual, including myself. 

The pandemic also got rid of live shows, so artists were kinda forced to make music that was more melodic and emotional, rather than always making the next dance floor banger. Overall I think it’s important to focus on the positive especially when everything in the world can seem so negative right now. 


Q6. What are some artists that are underrated and picking up a storm that we should pay attention to as well?

A6: As far as underrated artists. I think BAW is massively underrated. They make some of the most unique and interesting dubstep I’ve heard in a while. Also Twopercent from CO is killing it right now, and deserves much more attention. As well as Hostage Situation! I have seen them grow over the last couple years and it is amazing to see! My friend Jack, who goes by Forsaken! He’s been an OG homie who’s helped me tremendously in the early production days!


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