METVTRXN – ‘Knossoss’ | Stay Venomous Records Release [EP Write-Up/Premiere]

METVTRXN Sets Forth To Premiere His 7-Track Extended Play ‘Knossoss‘ Via Stay Venomous Records Coming In Hot This Summer.

Written by: Zachary Sharabii

I would like to present everyone with a very talented and inspiring artist that is climbing ferociously, as well as creating a significant and spiritual impact on the music community. He goes by the name of METVTRXN, (pronounced Metatron in case you were wondering).

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This producer has a strong aim when writing songs with an awe-inspiring story behind these musical pieces of art. The Knossoss EP continues to prove what I mentioned, and it brought me absolute joy to be able to do a write-up on a producer that deserves more acknowledgment for the powerful stories behind his work.

To begin with, explaining the Knossoss EP, it’s important to tackle the backstory of what Knossoss means. The name translates to a labyrinth in Greek, made by Daedalus. To explain Daedalus for those that don’t know, this individual was a very skilled architect and craftsman back in the times of ancient Greece. He was seen as a sign of wisdom, knowledge, and power! To apply the story of the labyrinth and Daedalus with METVTRXN’s story. We tackle the labyrinth being a reminder of a lot of battles and losses. Challenging this producer to be the best they can, maintaining a strong and positive mindset as best as he can with how the situations around him turn out to be! 

Going through this labyrinth and meeting individuals on the journey, METVTRXN has to deal with the adjustment of everyone that knows what he was doing, or knew who he used to be. People bring up comparisons in their conversations with this producer, despite there being variables to show that they don’t really know much or know the artist at all! Having these kinds of obstacles can really hit hard on one that looks inward, creating internal battles with the self.


METVTRXN deals with obstacles from a TBI (traumatic brain injury) which brings him into a different world of thoughts and feelings, some moments and memories can be lost which can create the dilemma of people bringing up comparisons, but it only shows how little people are knowledgeable of. METVTRXN continues to accept these challenges to push him into constantly bettering himself while also explaining a story to those that are keen on listening to the messages he conveys.

Knossoss tackles an adventure, inspired by life, taken from the adventurous aspects of the journey in the Knossoss. As METVTRXN ventures through a new world, with a different lens, seeing things for what they are. Being aware and embracing the moment that is in front of us, is important. Each song on this extended play represents aspects of this journey through separate forms and vibrations while maintaining a cohesive story listening to this E.P!

One can say that life is like a labyrinth, you can venture alone or with people! It’s important to be focused on the growth from experiences, this E.P. stresses the in-the-moment experiences, not a complex backstory like in his previous work.

The song Fresh Air from the Knossoss E.P. is one example of the straightforward message, an example of the beginning of one’s journey in the labyrinth of life. Fresh Air conveys the message of strength and admiration. There is excitement for this journey while being able to appreciate the beauty that is around, whether appreciating the sunset or the sunrise over water, or the sun dipping into the mountains!

In The Wind, We Gon’ Get The Money, Reflection, and You 2 are songs you wouldn’t usually hear from producers, but the beauty and importance in this are to be able to look deeper and see into the understanding and being that is the METVTRXN movement. 

These songs are excellent examples that will tackle obstacles in the journey, it’s very easy to take this deep-spirited individual’s shoes and put them on, to see understanding, but even with a simple understanding of relativity, there is more than meets the eye. I stress the importance of getting to know this individual on a genuine scale of trying to learn new things that can be applicable for an individual to maintain a sustaining and fulfilling journey.

Motivation, evaluating oneself, and taking on the role of moving forward with a newer version of the self. As straightforward as the titles, you can envision the messages behind these musical pieces of art that also align and represent the journey METVTRXN is taking. 

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