Ravenscoon – ‘Inertia’ EP | WAKAAN Release [EP Write-Up]

Ravenscoon Tests Out The Centrifugal Forces With His New Extended Play ‘Inertia‘ Via WAKAAN – Featuring Four Originals & A Collab With Noise Pollution

Written by: Tate Beumel

Let me start by saying it was an ABSOLUTE HONOR to get to preview this EP before
release and a MASSIVE shoutout to the mastery that is Ravenscoon & WAKAAN . What both the label and the amazing producer are doing for the industry is game-changing. The sound and atmosphere of this EP are pure, low, and aggressive. But in the best way possible! You won’t help but make the nastiest of bass faces while dancing about throughout Inertia.

pictured: Ravenscoon

The intro track, the lead single from the release, Speakaz with Noise Pollution… I am lost for words when you hit play. Sat there stunned for a minute and let the bass settle in, what a punch in the face! The drums and bass come in hard and subsequently bop into a nasty beat! This song speaks for itself, even the drop says so!

Free Your Mind, the second record, is a wobbly, beautiful experience with a bassline that shakes
the walls! Sit back and relax as the sub takes over, Ravenscoon went off with this one. Like That really fits the WAKAAN mold, not that the whole EP doesn’t but this third tune hits particularly harder in that category! The atmospheric bounce-type bass fills the room and just makes you get down and dirty with the wubs.

pictured: Ravenscoon

Time to “turn it way up” with the fourth track, Velocity. We get more of the wonderful wobbles, but
there is no complaining here! The melodic intro is euphoric and the drop that follows will have you
moving with a smile! We Go Deeper with track number five. A darker bass tune to bring you back to Earth if only for a brief moment before liftoff with the final track, the EP namesake, Inertia. Not to be cliche but what an absolute vibe. The vocals hit just right, the synth makes you want to float, and is a solid finisher to this beautiful work of art as a whole.

Ravenscoon has crushed this EP from the top to the bottom. There is not a track on here I don’t want to hear a million times each! Every track is a certified bop and we hope you all enjoy this masterpiece as much as we did here at Monsoon Season.

Thank you again to WAKAAN & Ravenscoon for the opportunity and be sure to listen to the full Inertia EP dropping May 10th, 2022!

[Stream ‘Inertia’ Here]

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