JAYSYX + Kleøpatra – ‘Defiance’ (feat. G The Shep) | Rude Service Records Release [Track Write-Up]

JAYSYX & Kleøpatra Set Up Impenetrable Barriers Alongside G The Shep For ‘Defiance‘ on Rude Service Records

Written by: Brandon Rafferty

Rude Service Records just dropped yet another massive single to add to their roster, and this time they added JAYSYX and Kleøpatra’s massive collaboration “Defiance” which features their good friend “G the Shep” on vocals. If you’ve caught these acts live in the last few months, chances are this is that “ID” you were trying to snag during the show, and now we finally have it in its entirety. 

Defiance”  begins immediately with a vocal hit and pad in the background, which immediately turns into a build, giving you almost no time to prepare for the madness ahead. This intro appears to be a prime example of “less is more” as it simply just works, you don’t feel like you’re missing out from there not being a minute-long intro. Once the drop hits, you are immediately hit in the face with these crazy sustain basses and risers, all accompanied by a nice bassline of womps rolling underneath the main elements.

They also have a nice use of “stuttering” Effects that help create tensions in the fills between sections, which just goes to show they take into account every minor detail with their craft. Around the minute and a half mark, we get our first breath of fresh air as we transition into the vocal section which allows us to take in everything we just heard. Or so you’d Think. They quickly bring back an iconic build with screaming vocals that could give Sullivan King a run for his money, and as we approach the second drop, we get a nice fake drop that is followed by a killer tom roll which then smashes into another sustain filled pit of chaos. The sustained basses accompanied by the machine gun basses create a beautiful blend of sound as your body becomes overwhelmed by the chaotic mess that we call dubstep. 

Defiance is an absolute banger that is straight to the point. This track gives you no intro, just straight into the hellfire, and it’s truly wonderful. It doesn’t overstay its welcome yet lets you know it’s there and is a dominant force in anybody’s set that drops this beast. Big props to Rude Service for singing this track and letting these artists showcase their craft on a bigger platform. We look forward to seeing what not only the label but the three artists on this single come out with next! 

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