Internet Famous + AMRE (Feat. Raddix) – ‘Forever Yours’ [Track Write-Up]

Internet Famous and AMRE, Featuring Raddix Deliver A Stadium-Sized Collaboration Titled – ‘Forever Yours‘ That Personifies The Sounds of Summer

Written by: Garth Jones

When something this magnificent is created, it’s almost difficult finding a place to start to describe, applaud, and react to the sheer brilliance. Upon my first opportunity to listen to ‘Forever Yours‘, I was hooked and jaw-dropped right away.

The incredible production from Internet Famous and AMRE stands on its own, and Raddix’s magical ability to deliver vocals the way he does and finds the right words to say to compliment the self-standing music is not only teamwork but harmonious, blissful, and a perfect multi-medium alignment between the three musicians. Perfection is rare but these three artists located it and locked it in for your auditory pleasures.

left: Internet Famous | right: Raddix

Forever Yours‘ instantly brings forth lightly-stylized and spring/summer-forward vibes that are best enjoyed watching the sunset in the distance while you’re at the main stage of your utmost favorite and desired festival. A very relaxing yet snappy beat keeps an electric mood while Raddix serenades the moment in an emotional and reminiscent manner meant for memories.

The feel-good chemicals rush in, and smile from the natural reaction, allowing you to appreciate anything and everything your mind manifests and eyes lock sight on. Truly, this collaborative piece from the three of them is already an anthem and will be forever.

To isolate and focus on Internet Famous and AMRE’s production, sound design, and craftsmanship are like taking the chocolate chips out of the cookie and having to describe it with no milk. It’s night and day when they are together and synergistic and sound as one This masterpiece they have created is a lot like that comparison I just coughed up (choking on cookies).

Everything has its defined, respective, and needed space to coexist. Together it shines radiantly. What they have managed as a team to concoct can and will be remembered for the foreseeable future, if not, forever and always..

pictured: AMRE

Just as a refresher and a modest toot of the horn, Raddix was rad enough (haha) to allow us to spotlight him for our Takeover Week Series yesteryear. His vibrant music style, neck-turning voice, and talent to infuse his abilities with a vast amount of (sub)genres of dance music are what set him in a bracket only a few have attained. Now add Internet Famous and AMRE and we have the recipe for ‘Forever Yours‘. So, with all that being said, it’s refreshing and uplifting to not only write upon a track he is featured on but to hear his voice at work and feel those Raddix-resinating chemicals rush over me as a listener and fan of the three musicians.

pictured: Internet Famous

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