Reigning Blood Collective – Meet The Team | Kleøpatra’s Debut Collective [Write-Up + Owner’s Spotlight]

Kleøpatra Announces A Star-Studded Team Of Artists To Represent The ‘Reigning Blood Collective’

Written by: Brandon Rafferty


Kleøpatra has once again left another huge mark on EDM here in  2021, and no we are not talking about her recent release “Pull Up”. Nope, this time she has brought an arsenal of friends to the fight and has formed “Reigning Blood Collective”,  a group of producers from across the nation that range from  alternative artists, to EDM, and even touching down in hip-hop production as well. This group of friends want nothing more than to build eachother up and continue making music that they all love and enjoy. 

pictured: Kleøpatra

Meet The Entire Roster (at the time I type this)

Reigning Blood Collective has quite the roster being formed right from the start, with many artists having hits on huge labels such as Subsidia, Buygore, Bass Rush, Emengy, and 40 Oz Cult to just name a few, the entire list  is really quite impressive. The entire roster (at the time I type this) is as follows: AB the Thief, Akronym, AutoKorekt, BLAIZE, Blaqout, Detox, Drix, Elusion, Felmax, Focus, Go Pnik, Ghost In Real Life, Jaysyx, Jozie, Kleøpatra, Kultivate, Lost Rejects, LVRK, Mista J, Shep, Shoku, VLCN, Weird Waifu, X & G, Zubah, and Z&Z. 

It is great as a fan of so many of these artists I have watched over the years grow and join forces in the world of music. We have waited years for a new wave of underground artists to show up, and I personally am excited and have a good feeling we will see great things come from this collective. Not only are they great producers, but their live shows are always full of energy and you can tell these artists have such a great time when they are on stage,  catering near perfect setlists and having great crowd engagement.  

Listen To – The Reigning Blood Collective Spotify Playlist

Reigning Blood Collective delivers the full package with their impressive lineup of diverse artists and energy they bring to the table. This group is quickly on the rise up and it’s incredible to sit back and watch the journey unravel. From brutal dubstep bangers, to laidback beats, this collective has a little something for everyone, and I’m curious to see where they land next.

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