Deeprumor – Bloodline | Code: Lockdown + Brainsick Records [Artist Interview]

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Welcome to our downpour, Deeprumor!

Q1: We are thrilled to chat, Deeprumor! Give us the inside scoop on how you decided on dance music and Deeprumor, will you?

A1: Well, I’ve been listening to dubstep and EDM types of music since I was about 11, I really fell into love about 5-6 years ago. I was at a show and I had just thought damn I really want to make this dubstep stuff. That’s pretty much it.

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Q2: You’re on the Bloodline lineup presented by Brainsick Records and Code: Lockdown! What a stacked tier of talent. What can we expect from your ‘deeply rumored‘ set?

A2: it’s a pure showcase! I’ve got a lot of my newer stuff and some older stuff, mostly unreleased Riddim.

Q3: Creatively speaking, how did you pour into your recent release premiere on Brainsick Records with Delchorro titled ‘Versatile‘?

A3: Delcherro was actually really awesome to work with! At the time my PC was breaking and I had to get a new one, so I sent him a huge folder of sounds, If I’m correct he only used 3, but we sent back and forth the project after I got my new pc the week after, he was definitely the minor vibe creator though, I did work on the second drop but I have got to give him most of the credit for that insane tune and just collaborating with me I am so grateful it happened!

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Q4: What is the deepening family of Deeprumor to expect in the coming weeks/months? Let your fans know what is up!

A4: I am recently been working on more experimental stuff! And more wonky dub, I still will be putting out riddim time to time but at the moment I want to focus on a new chapter, I have a lot of stuff planned and even huge s**t I’m still working towards with my mentor but that will take time, definitely expect a riddim EP sometime this year or next.

Q5: Who is killing it right now? Let them know in your shout-out!

A5: To be honest, I can say so many people are absolutely killing it, so many producers, but two that you want to look out for is definitely STEALTH, and Vicegrip, Meregodz, and Hefe Dubz. These 4 shock me every time they send me something. They are absolutely changing the game with their huge bangers.

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