Code: Lockdown X Brainsick Records X Monsoon Season Presents: Bloodline | Twitch Live Stream | May 14th + May 15th | FULL LINEUP ANNOUNCED

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Presenting their biggest lineup as of yet, Brainsick Records is applying their well-curated and diverse array of artists to collect behind the gnarly visual effects and streaming capabilities of Code: Lockdown, to total up for a showdown titled ‘Bloodline‘. This intravenous dose of music will come at you with the utmost insane rising names in bass music.

Splashing their plasma pool of productions are 26 artists. Playing on Bloodline is:

Festivillianz, Motar, Autokorekt, Ecto, Yunit, Bvss Tactic, Bassgazm, Mohno, Karyuu, LovelyBones, Aggro, Optikz, Phor b2b Kindly, Qbik, Boushy, Jaysyx, Duck Beats, Trentcast, Paragon, Re: Flex, AG, Muerte, Deeprumor, Swampmane, St!llTr!ll.

May 14th + May 15th

How you can watch?

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Interviews are to be expected from AG and Trentcast, while TWO more being announced soon!
We will announce them via our social media platforms, the event page found on Facebook, and here on Monsoon Season [so keep your eyes peeled].
We’ll talk about their origins, inspirations, and what can you expect from their sets on Bloodline presented by Code: Lockdown, Brainsick Records, and yours truly (Monsoon Season).

Tuesday May 4th at 2:30pm EST – Interview with AG
Thursday May 6th at 2:30pm EST – Interview with Trentcast
Tuesday May 11th at 2:30pm EST – Interview TBA
Thursday May 13th at 2:30pm EST – Interview TBA

Artists To Watch?

Brainsick Records and Code: Lockdown truly whipped up a special live stream for you folks. These two have been at the helm of releasing and broadcasting out-of-this-world dubstep/riddim/bass music and live stream sets from their best and brightest. While being incredibly well-received from the scene, industry, and community as a whole, we haven’t a single doubt this event will do the same if not more. So by all means, brace for impact, as this lineup, stream, and onslaught of artists are going to hit you like a freight train so damn hard your entire bloodline will feel it.

Although, so you can familiarize yourselves with the lineup, we did compile some heat from not only AG as well as Trentcast but several other friends, affiliates, and artists who have and haven’t entered our radars, sights, or storm as of yet. Get down with DeepRumor and Bvss Tactic‘s tunes found below.


Check out his new EP ‘DEATH CODE’ out on Emengy

Check out his new self-released album Deserted’

Check out his new track ‘Delusion‘ out on HAVOC Records

Bvss Tactic
Check out his new track with Jetpack Brigade titled ‘Komorebi’

Stay locked in by visiting the Facebook Event Page and joining the RSVP list, join the discussion, and share/support your favorite music, interviews, and more in the feed.

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