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by: Zachary Sharabii

[Interview Below]

Hearing that a group of individuals coordinating shows for the underground are called DubSnacks would have any stranger’s attention caught, in my opinion. With roots from Philadelphia, a group was striving to create an outlet for artists with an up-and-coming sound that you can’t ignore! The events they hosted, create energy where everyone is able to relate to a level they are a second home to go to.

DubSnacks aims to change the underground by only starting two years ago, with genuine energy and family hospitality energy at their events, the heights they are climbing only build in momentum. There are so many questions, my curiosity was always interested for a bit, and I feel more people should know about this group and I should cover questions that would explain why people should put their eyes towards DubSnacks

          Within a few years of DubSnacks starting locally, they really carved their way with grabbing people’s attention quickly, inspired by the core fundamentals of Frankie Bones and others. They seek to make a positive impact just like the people they look up to. I was able to set up a call with one of the individuals that make DubSnacks happen, I’ve been associated with Chris (nicknamed Squeek) and Nick (nicknamed Groot) for several years now! Seeing them grow and create an imprint with their movement, I felt it was needed to cover the great things they are doing! The impact they have as a group and the community they are building is something that I felt should be talked about.

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A wild, unique group, that roots down to family hospitality energy, genuine acceptance, embracing the fundamentals of the PLUR movement, and keeping the music communities around them circulating in creative and progressive energy. These are the questions I had asked them; I also wish to elaborate on the importance of why I asked these questions after they answered the questions. 


  Q1:Where does DubSnacks root from? Where did it all start to get you all inspired to put this project? 

            Nick: DubSnacks starts with working in the underground around December 2019, myself and Squeek both grew up in rough environments, we didn’t have much of a family, so the family aspect from the rave scene is what got us into doing DubSnacks and we wanted to share that with everyone we could. 
I think when it comes to the root of a group, the inspiration to DubSnacks, and the energy that is created from the family energy events that are coordinated. The energy that you have with DubSnacks, gives me the perspective of when hosting a group for an event, this group knows how to have fun and a genuinely amazing time where everyone is talking about the event afterward!

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 Q2: What do you see differently in comparison to other teams with similar concepts that allows you to stand out? 

Nick: We work with a large variety of artists. Artists as well that incorporate live instruments, we also wanted to bring more jam bands into the scene. It’s important to us to aim at being inclusive and showcasing a large variety of art. We worked with artists like Josh Teed and Mantra Sound, we have the goal to spotlight artists that are doing new things and bringing new sound! 

From traveling around, and hearing my associate’s and friends’ experiences with other groups coordinating shows in the city and around the country! It is important to be doing new and unique things, while inclusive. Having control in curating the energy that is created by showcasing unique sounds and art is absolutely crucial to succeeding in having an event maintain its positive energy to want people coming back. To keep searching for artists that they haven’t heard before, but subconsciously, they knew they would love their work!

Sometimes events and groups are spotlighting similar sounds, and although this is okay! People strive for being unique and creating a wave that makes either a positive impact along with other reasons that become significant to keeping the community going and flowing. With the pandemic hitting in the beginning, how it hit organizers with a wide variety of challenges, is something I wanted to mention. 

Q3: How have y’all adapted during the pandemic, how do you see the lessons in the challenges given from the pandemic. 

Nick: We were doing nonprofit events, outside events, we had 4 BBQs over the summer, and were able to host a stage at New York Harvest Festival, which was a CDC (Center for Disease Control) compliant festival in October. When it got cold, we resorted to doing live streams. The pandemic makes it hard to coordinate events successfully, but we do our best to try to keep everyone together and safe and able to keep going with how hard times are. I struggle with depression and I think it is super important to keep the music scene alive as much as possible with everything going on. 

 Q4: Do you see the pandemic as obstacles or just wrapped full of lessons?

 Nick:  It was definitely a learning experience, it definitely showed a light on how we need to be safe and how we should gather. When it comes to tighter restrictions we try our best to make sure people are wearing masks, as much as some view us as the bad guys for it, it’s what needs to be done to ensure a safe event. 
I feel some can gain an understanding of why I wished to ask these questions, but I will explain to clarify my point of the reason for asking. I feel the lessons and the scenarios we have all seen and been involved in, despite how challenging these obstacles had become. It is important to always be on top of learning how to grow, adapt, and maintain a conscious awareness of what you do internally and externally, soul mind, and body. Although these things are absolutely crucial, being at the helm of such things, you have access to relate it to the community around you so others don’t struggle unnecessarily.
 Doing such things has created massive impacts to keeping people in the best case of being intact and capable of surviving the storm that we all experience! People had a lot of questions, people had points that weighed deeply against others, but in my opinion, I feel all points, in the end, become significant to recognize and acknowledge. Though while many of the points pertain to topics of the pandemic, they become strong dividing points, unfortunately. I feel it’s important for organizers or anyone that works in the music scene to always remember the reasons that brought us together, how we relate, how we became a place for people to unite under and not feel divided or isolated. 

 Q5: What are some events that go outside of the box of comfortable flow? 

 Nick: As much as I wanted to disclose the answer to this question, I am not allowed to share certain information that was disclosed. But I am able to share that they have gone very far out of the back in the regard of traveling out of the city to do shows in Florida featuring Crowell, Drippy, and Big N’ Slim! They are also working hard with another group, on organizing something special for the community where people can relate, understand, and learn more in-depth of the magic that happens, the importance of the magic, the impact, and the root of said magic. 

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 Q6: What are some people you look up to, to carve out the journey of DubSnacks? Do you all plan to travel internationally?

           We learned a lot from Frankie Bones, Dank, and the Sess1ons group, who are from Brooklyn. Frankie Bones and his start of the PLUR movement is one of our biggest inspirations to how we aim to be. They really set the pace for us by inspiring us on how we want to run non-profit outdoor events! They threw a lot of free outdoor events, some events were under the bridge in that area, seeing the things they accomplished pushed us to do our outdoor event-type BBQs. We do plan on coordinating a festival and want to travel around the globe, but our scopes are set around influencing around the country like doing shows in Florida

My experience when being able to come out to one of DubSnacks outdoor events, I found it awesome that the first outdoor event I attended in a while, since the pandemic, this happens to be not too far under a bridge! The family energy and hospitality were present and all in the air. People get to see each other that they haven’t seen in months and or year(s). I wanted to talk about this event because it further goes in hand with how genuine this group of people is. It shows how aligned they are with their cause and the message they wish to deliver, and this message that’s being delivered is also building a beautiful community. This message, I only expect it to leave a massive impact and affect others to create momentum to the storm DubSnacks is brewing! 

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