Above & Beyond: Sun & Moon (AMBIENCE Remix) [Track Write-Up]

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[By: Zachary Sharabii]

Above & Beyond: Sun and Moon (AMBIENCE Remix)

AMBIENCE takes off with a breathtaking remix of Sun & Moon by Above & Beyond. Talking about a song with beautiful ambience (No pun intended), they deliver a marvelous take doing such a thing!

People like to re-listen to old classics, and it’s always beautiful to see upcoming producers take classics and give their spin on it! It gives such a nostalgic feeling and for me, it makes me reminisce awesome memories I’ve had!

AMBIENCE is a melodic bass and dubstep DJ/Producer that hails from Salt Lake City. This talented artist really owns the name AMBIENCE when they create their remix of Sun & Moon. This remix is something to be heard opening the stage at music festivals or shows. Bringing people to tears and hugging each other, telling their friends that they love them.

From the structure of the intro and hearing the lyrics begin to take us on a journey, we can tell when we have heard the original that this artist put in intense juice to make a beautiful remix. The drop hits beautifully, further providing more nostalgia when listening to the song. When the drop hits, that’s when I hope people can understand me envisioning this song opening a stage would be a perfect way for people to understand where I’m coming from when listening to this.

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A heavy storm with ambience is what this producer planned and delivered. (forgive me for the last pun, I couldn’t resist.) 

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