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Flytz | Code: Lockdown – Fight Club Takeover Live Stream [Artist Interview]


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[Interview: Flytz]

Q1: Welcome to our torrential downpour, Flytz! What can you tell us about your origin story?

A1: I started mixing because of my friends who I met at Ile Soniq in 2019. We had little raves in the basement with friends. We had a lot of fun and I got addicted to mixing. After that, I met someone who made me play in his livestream and that’s where the machine went and here we are today.


Q2: In what ways are you prepping and preparing for this live stream?

A2: Actually Personally, I really like freestyle when I mix I find new doubles and if people like them I take note. I really like the organization they put in their stream book and thank you for having me for a second time.


Q3: Walk us through your track, Eco Beam! What went into that creatively?

Q4: Yeah Eco Beam, the boys really helped me with that tune and I was really messing with the flow and the audio effects like all the other producers ahaha. I’m hyped to release some new tracks but right now with school and what happened in my family I’m taking a little break but I’ll be back on work soon.


Q4: What is next on the radar of Flytz in terms of music and beyond? 

A4: I don’t know man… Music is a passion of mine but you never know what can happen. When it’s possible I wanna play a show in the USA for sure the scene looks insane. I wanna release some tracks this year too. School will always be more important for me. I’ve always dreamt to be an engineer and next year I’m gonna go do my engineer classes.


Q5: Who do you see killing it lately? Give them a shout-out!

A5: SOULEZ, SOULEZ,SOULEZ. So many names I can say but this kid is the next one I promise. He is always there for anyone even if he is not good sometimes. He always makes people laugh and helps others with music. He is so patient it’s incredible. He doesn’t have a lot of music released but let me tell you he has some fire treasor-lock in his computer. His production skills are insane for a 17 years old. He just signed with Al Ross for management so watch him grow next year.




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