Blood Klotz + SubCity – Bass Face: Mythos Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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[Oregon-based] electronic bass music artists Blood Klotz and Subcity team up to generate audio-amazement with the Colorado-based label; Mythos Records.


[Zachary Sharabii thought:]

Talking about Bass in your face, or even making the angry bass face of approval. Blood Klotz and SubCity wanted us to show our bass face and they really make you do so when you listen to Bass Face! The song starts with a dark and eerie beginning, slowly building momentum and creating anticipation for what we are about to hear! Drums start hitting 30 seconds in, and it even adds more momentum by creating excitement for the drop we have yet to hear! The build-up is handled viciously and strategically, that upon the drop, I resulted in the expected Bass Face they wanted us to show.

The drop execution was marvelous and layered beautifully. Blood Klotz and SubCity bring a lot of different sounds in and out of the spotlight of this sound design! Layering different ideas and carrying us on an awesome journey with the drop and gradually calming us down with a well-written breakdown. Though it isn’t over yet, the momentum starts building again to prepare us for the second drop! With the same momentum speed built in the first build-up, we are excited to show our finger guns for the next drop. It’s really hard not to when the second drop hits. The same idea of bringing in different sounds into the spotlight of the second drop was handled marvelously and wrapped up beautifully when the song arrived at its end. It’s hard not to want to hear more about Blood Klotz and SubCity, these artists are people you have to pay attention to!


[Travis Bisbee declared:]

Face melting track Bass Face by Blood Klotz & SubCity brings a fresh and unique take to the scene.

One of the first things a listener will notice when diving into Bass Face by Blood Klotz & SubCity, is that it is incredibly well executed. It is evident from the opening moments that this is not going to be your average dubstep experience.

The journey into “Bass Face” begins with a very minimalistic intro. The atmosphere of the opening moments is provided by the unique sub-bass frequency technique used. The listener is greeted initially by a droning and drawn-out sub-bass frequency. This creates a sustained buzzing or humming that fills the entire room. This technique does a great job of building tension as we find ourselves thrown straight into the first build-up of the track. The drums are powerful and punchy, yet still, maintain a lot of dynamic range. This aggressive and fast build spins up to an extremely heavy first drop.

The drop section is simultaneously brutal, dynamic, and crisp. Once again the subwoofer work is very solid, creating a strong foundation for the rest of the spectral elements of the drop to build upon. Blood Klotz and SubCity really know how to bring the sounds to life in a way that is like clockwork in so much as there are a clear purpose and pattern to everything presented.

No one sound ever overpowers the others in the mix and nothing is competing in the frequency spectrum. This creates a very large and immersive soundscape for the mind to explore. Every sound has its own room to be heard. All the different elements are easy to focus on individuals as well as being easy to hear together as one cohesive unit. This is due to the masterfully executed Mix and Master of the song.

My only complaint is that the song isn’t any longer! But, this isn’t a bad thing and in fact, contributes greatly to the song’s very high replay value.

This is definitely one underground treasure you will be glad Monsoon Season found for you. I can guarantee it.


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