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[Written by: Zachary Sharabii]

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Electronic bass music artist TCLYDE rejoins the storm! This go-around we are presented with a three-track EP titled ‘Press Start‘. Respectively, the three tracks are named ‘Galant‘, ‘Eviscerate‘, and ‘Inflected‘, each holding power and instantly piquing your interest. This trio of tunes solidifies a great beginning to 2021 for TCLYDE, pressing start and hitting the road ahead; strong.

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As soon as I pressed start and was listening to this E.P. (no pun intended) I was taken on a lovely adventure containing really exotic dubstep styles, to really cool house drops, creating phenomenal energy with blending more than one genre into a song! TCLYDE intended to take the listener on an adventure that they didn’t know they would enjoy so much! He creates a smooth and lovely trip where, if he was my Uber or Lyft driver, definitely rating him 5 stars along with a good tip, as well as adding a genuine review!

We begin with the first song on this E.P. called GalantTCLYDE blended dubstep and house in such a marvelous manner with this song, and it only creates excitement and anticipation for what is ahead of me for this E.P! This producer gradually brings sounds in from the beginning and impacting with such a magnificent punch of energy! From there, the electric energy you can feel in the sounds carries you with the melody and the build up in drums! When the drop hits, I’m blown away!

Galant‘s drop swings you back and forth, leading into a change in genre that you wouldn’t expect! Maintaining tempo, and carrying a house and dubstep blend in this song. The way this song is structured it really embraces the definition of Galant, but with things that are majestic and on a positive level, there is an equal level of energy that can eviscerate, and forgive me for the pun yet again, the second track really handles evisceration with pizzazz! 


Eviscerate, begins subtle, and builds beautifully just as the song before and impacting with equal magnitude to continue carrying you on this musical journey into TCLYDE’s E.P! We have eerie sounds that are carried with the drum patterns, written away to create anticipation for the drop we are about to listen to! When the drop hits, I imagine as if the synthes and layering of sounds is a hot knife cutting through butter, the heat created from the energy of sounds has me dancing to make the attempt in cooling off from such a shell shock experience in sound design! TCLYDE brings exotic sounds that create vicious winds to make it known that we need to hear what other forecasts TCLYDE has to tell us, and what happens in the song Inflected, is a beautiful experience that sings to my heart. 

We begin Inflected with a lovely melody that braces us for what is to come! Lyrics begin with words that sing to your soul and puts you on a relative level to relate more deeply with the song and its melodies! When Infected‘s drop hits, we are swaying back and forth, as if the sounds are coming from within you! Heavenly synthes carried along with the bass and drums create nostalgic feelings, but I mentioned something before, that this artist does marvelously.

Blending different genres into one song, we are carried from future bass into forming a mosh pit and being swayed with dubstep while still maintaining tempo in changing the way one would dance, we end the first drop with a melodic breakdown that prepares us for the second drop. The vocals are carrying us along with the pattern placing and the utilization of sounds this artist delivers to our ears. We continue with the second drop being future bass, carrying similar feelings as before, but this time, my ears somehow know the words and are singing. I haven’t dealt with this experience before. When an artist blends from one genre into another with great skill, it comes to be artists like TCLYDE that deliver a beautiful storm with an experience that only intends to bring positive outcomes to anyone that comes across such weather. It only makes sense to deal with such a scientific discovery when your ears start singing, to write about it as it made me feel when listening!



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