Jaycen A’mour: Down The Rabbit Hole Live Stream Festival [Artist Interview]

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[Interview: Jaycen A’mour]

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Q1: For our readers and your soon-to-be fans, who is Jaycen Amour? Take us back to the beginning, will you?

A1: I’m just a DJ at heart, I strive to get people dancing to music that they haven’t heard before. I’m a Kiwi (New Zealander) who isn’t all about drum & bass (Pop Music in NZ). I grew up listening to grunge & hip hop, I feel like it’s reflected in the music I make and play

Q2: Down The Rabbit Hole is closer than it is far. What can we expect from your set and performance?

A2: My set for Down The Rabbit Hole is pretty much what you can expect from any “Jaycen A’mour” set, high energy house with a focus on the bass and electro side of the spectrum.

Q3: How have you been occupying your time in this trying time? We can only assume music and more music, but what else? What has been keeping you sane?

A3: Like everyone else, my 2020 plans were razed to the ground by ole mate ‘Covid One Nine’ but I decided to use the first lockdown to break some bad habits and to make some healthy lifestyle changes. I dropped 37kgs (81.5lbs) and gave up everything from chocolate to energy drinks. I also started going to therapy for some unresolved personal issues. Music felt very unimportant during this time, so I needed something to focus on and this was my big win of last year.

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Q4: Your recent collaboration with Valy Mo titled ‘U N I’ is so lively and fitting for any dance session. In what creative headspaces did you need to get into to find this salacious sound?

A4: Valy Mo really took the reins with that one, he’s an absolute whizz. The track took most of last year to complete but we ended up with a great collaboration. I think we bonded over the misery of the pandemic and the resulting music was far more joyful than it had any business being.

Q5: Who is on your radar right now? Give them a jacked-up Jaycen Amour shout-out!

A5: I’m going to try and pick artists who I love that I don’t think get enough attention: Qlank, Kage, Bleu Clair, Koos, Sqwad, Ekonovah, MNNR, Badjokes, Honey & Badger, San Pacho, Hypression, Schade, Relique and Kohmi.


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