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Hunter Atlas Presents: Save Our Stages – Mesa Theater Live Stream Fundraiser [Announcement]


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[Grand Junction, Colorado] and the whole Western Slope is lucky to have a certain individual in their community. Hunter Atlas of Hunter Atlas Presents has put altruism at an all-time high with his latest event; Save Our Stage Virtual Rave-A-Thon, a live stream fundraiser for the Mesa Theater. Amassing eighteen (18) artists from across the nation all with one common goal, purpose, and direction in mind; and that is to help the Mesa Theater in these trying and unprecedented times.

The Mesa Theater located there on the Western Slope in Grand Junction, Colorado is not only historical in nature but it is sacred in reality. The infamous venue, stages, and staff it has harbored for over a generation is a beacon of creativity to the local artistic and regional areas. Opening its doors in 1885, a movement in the mountainous area was started and Colorado was imminently ready for this performing arts place of wonder to be born. The first operations inside were utilized as an opera house, then over two decades later on to ballroom dancing in 1907, and ultimately in 1930 it had been renamed as The Mesa Theater for musical and club-like events to take centerstage. To this day, the resilient and renowned venue is still standing and along side a community ready to stand with this building so it can last the test of time, again and again.

As for today’s day and age, over one hundred years later a group of talented, energetic, and altruistic electronic dance music artists, enthusiasts, and record labels are ready to come together to Save Our Stage. Hosting a live stream event gleaming the heavy, bass-forward, and upbeat sounds of their selections to personify what we are as a community and music industry. Exactly that; a community. Pooling all of the proceeds from PayPal via the stream (and outside the event time length) will go directly to the Mesa Theater. The nine-hour (9 hr.) stream will be administering the audio from artists: Sobear, ANOMALOUS, tundriix, WYZE, SPENNY, EZEKIEL, Grimmire, huck.jorris, Midnight Wanderer, Tokyo Mandy, ShockerT, RESCVE, Odin, Nuclear Ninja, HUNTER ATLAS, Forreign, RAGE-BOT, and New York-based headliner; Scafetta.

This event is in partnership with The Mesa Theater, Hunter Atlas Presents, Deathstar Cult Ltd., and Nuclear OG.

Written by: Garth Jones

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Magic 93.1 Radio Interview with Hunter Atlas Presents

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