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Q1: Welcome back, BLAIZE! Things have really heated up for you since your Takeover Week with us. How has life been (and) what is new for our readers?

A1: Recently things have been looking very upwards for the BLAIZE brand. I’ve got a few pretty good-sized collabs that I’m working on and some other stuff I can’t really talk about yet but it’s big things!

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Q2: Down The Rabbit Hole is closer than it is far. What can we expect from your set and performance? Anything over-the-top planned?

A2: I’m hoping everyone loves the set! I feel like I went over the top with the visuals I have added with my performance.

Q3: You’ve managed to keep busy, stay motivated, and show results. What is your secret? What is keeping that flame ignited?

A3: Honestly, I believe if you stay focused and release as much music as possible, people have no choice but to hear your music. Of course, it still has to be quality music. What keeps me going is really just seeing people enjoy my tunes. I really love to see people’s reactions.

Q4: Your recent release with Buygore – Stay High is a surefire knockout. How did you manage to tie in all those elements along with your own vocals?

A4: Well if I’m being 100 percent honest with you, that really wasn’t one of my favorite tunes that I put out this year. I really thought I was taking a risk putting it out. But I just made the beat after I had some lyrics in mind and just went from there.

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Q5: Who is on your radar right now? Give them a healthy BLAIZE shout-out!

A5: STUCA, Svspkt, Suffocate, Autokorekt, Nosphere, Automhate, HOL!, Tryple, Perry Wayne, Freaky, Jorge Toscano, Pyro, Oddprophet, Control Freak, Viperactive, Soundwreck & Trampa are some artists that I find myself listening to on repeat.

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