RIPTID3 – cyberSTORM Guest Mix Series [Artist Spotlight + Interview]

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[Los Angeles-based] rising rogue wave of talent RIPTID3 joins the storm! In this installation, oceans comes crushing over us. This storm has been fortified by his aqueous aura, now we can digitize and adapt to the cybernetic encapsulation. Drowning us in mental dubstep, trap, and loads of other subgenres, his ability to cohesively tie it all together in this mix is immensely impressive.

RIPTID3 doesn’t show any signs of slowing his tidal-wave of tunes, nor his constant presence across social media, he truly is here for the long run. Whether supporting his friends, colleagues, or his fervent fanbase, you can assure his altruism is apparent and well-received. Take a plunge, abysmally deep, and wash up on shore with us as we get to know him a bit better in the interview below.

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[Interview: RIPTID3]

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Q1: What was your favorite part about this mix? Making it and preparing for it? 

A1: My favorite part of making this mix was being able to put a lot of my own original music into my set. I feel like I’m at a part of my career where I am really finding my sound, as well as advancing in my production to where I can finally start building my catalog of playable music! I think this set is by far the best set I have made, as I feel like it best defines my style and sound as an artist. Definitely had a lot of fun making this one, and I’m glad to be able to share this with the world!

Q2: Any certain tracks that are extra special? Which one(s) and why?

A2: Oh yeah, I did sneak in a couple ID’s in the mix, let me know if yall can find them! One is a remix I’m making for my brother ZEBR4, Has a really sick mid tempo drop in it. Can’t wait to release that one to you guys! I also included my Dust remix I dropped last month for DeFragz. Had a lot of fun mixing that song with the one after it!

Q3: What can we expect from you in 2021?

A3: LOTS OF GROWTH! I just moved to Los Angeles to begin studying music production at Icon Collective, where I will be next year. You can expect more music, better mixdowns, more collabs, and featured singers/artists!

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Q4: If you can leave a message with your fans; what would it be? 

A4: Believe in yourself! Life is too short to waste, so go out and do what makes you genuinely happy! You deserve it, and I’m rooting for you! Thank you always for your love and support, I am more grateful to have the best fans in the whole world!

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