Kabutey – Hey: Neitreug Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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[written by: Zachary Sharabii]

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One thing that needs to be established with the song Hey by Kabutey, you are punched immediately and taken on a marching journey! The sound design makes me think of the artist REZZ, but this individual takes his own signature with this song he wrote! He writes this song beautifully, with the structure of this song carefully put together! The layering of the drums and the synths march you forward with a casual addition of more sounds and effects adds more anticipation on the journey with this song!

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photo: Kabutey

The structure of this layering is properly spread with the sound design of this song, having a very cinematic build-up that creates a casual increase in energy! With how this is structured and then upon hearing the drop, you immediately want to hear the song played on a big sound system! Kabutey did amazing with structuring this song from beginning to end.

photo: Kabutey

You can really catch yourself marching upon the drop, and how you march is the way you would dance to this song! Hopping like the energy bunny, the energy is well recognized throughout the song. There is a reason why they call this genre big room! Because having it played in such a scenario, is 100% fitting! The structure of songs fitting that genre. I always feel that type of music is structured to create maximum amounts of anticipation and create huge bursts of energy with the drop structure, demanding that you bounce with your friends that are listening with you! The creativity in this song must be recognized and I look forward to hearing more from Kabutey

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