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L!V!D – Walk With Me: Pure Music Label Group Release [Track Write-Up + Interview]


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[Utah-based] electronic dance music artist L!V!D reenters the storm with his utmost freshest and new release Walk With Me, out on Pure Music Label Group; crushes the game with sound selection and design. Picking up on all the notes and glaring elements are here. We can’t but admire this track for its overall energy and the atmosphere it creates in a short time. Plus, that art is just downright captivating to its core. 10/10

Our hats are off to L!V!D and his 2021 year. We see this gentleman taking the year by storm, being thunderous in his path, demolishing anything that comes his way. Get L!V!D, we know we will be. Share, play, repost, and more with this track and more.

[Listen to Walk With Me]

[Interview: L!V!D]

Q1: Welcome back! What can you tell our readers/fans about your new track Walk With Me

A1: Thank you for that question. To my fans and your readers, I was thinking of the emotional times everyone is going through, with the negativity of everything being shut down, so I wanted to make a positive note and break free from the ashes with inspirational uplifting sound, my track “Walk With Me” was thusly created.

Q2: What do you want your fans/listeners to walk away with after hearing this from you?

A2: Excellent question. I want my fans, your readers, and new listeners to know they aren’t alone. I would like them to know that we understand the frustration they are going through on an emotional level and that we as creators hear you and want what is best for safe growth both mentally and physically.

Q3: What else is on the radar for 2021?

A3: Thank you for this question. 2021 has a lot on the radar for L!V!D brand. We have a few unreleased tracks I’m preparing to launch here shortly. We are excited about the female vocal pop artists in recent collaborations plus we’ve got a few other things in store. I can’t really say too much but if you follow my social media [located above] you can get first access to all the inside info and upcoming details.

Q4: How does this track differ from your others?

A4: This has been an amazing question with tons of opinions from other artists and I love to hear their options. My track “Walk With Me” differs from other tracks as I don’t limit myself to one genre. The L!V!D brand uses my heart-filled creativity to express my constant variety. “Walk With Me” is special to me because it was created to help others in a rough state, to bring them out of the darkness and into the light

Q5: Who is on the rise in your opinion? Give them a healthy L!V!D shout-out! 

A5: Honestly, shout-out to all the people that have been supporting me during all this. My wife, friends, family & fans. I appreciate it so much! My label PMLG for giving me a big opportunity. Aftertaste design for my graphics. Marc The Shark Presents and the whole L!V!D team for business advice & development. As for who is on the rise, the local Utah & Arizona artists have been grinding & killing it.


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