Black Lotus Audio – Apostle: Dubstep for Vital [Product Announcement]

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Black Lotus Audio is back in the storm with another great pack of samples, sounds, and serious presets to potentiate your game. Inspired by the creative minds and sounds at Disciple, this pack is titled ‘Apostle – Dubstep For Vital‘, has upper-echelon standard and quality. Brimming and spewing with the utmost choice sounds for your desires including but not limited to dubstep, riddim, tearout, and more bass-forward genres. Tirelessly adding, picking, and deciphering which inspirations from the world class team of artists is exclusively the premise of how this pack was built.

Included in the pack are 25 Vital presets; of which are ten (10) basses, ten (10) leads, and five (5) sequences all inspired by the masterful lineup of Disciple Records. The inspiring sounds from Virtual Riot, Barely Alive, Dodge & Fuski, and others have really allowed Black Lotus Audio to dive in and allow themselves the creative experimentation. The results are simply flooring.

Recently added, you can find their products ‘Invader – Serum Preset Pack‘, ‘Division – Vital Preset Pack‘, and ‘Chords – Midi Progressions‘ in their bank of free downloads. These insanely beneficial [we cannot stress enough] are at your fingertips to use and create with. Do not hesitate to bulk up on some fresh variations of sound selections. [find out more here]

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2021 has barely started and we are all seeing some monumental moves already being made by folks. Black Lotus Audio isn’t any stranger to these new happenings. Their recent support line is only growing. Bass-music talent from Florida, VLCN has joined their growing chamber of producers who use the products aforementioned. Also using and loving the packs is DRONEZ, Broken Elegance, SoundKiller, Skedda, amongst many others; their products are simply impressive and useful.

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Premium Soundbanks
[ Price Range $7 – $37 ]


Your journey starts HERE
If you’ve ever wanted to create immensely beautiful and powerful music like Seven Lions, Crystal Skies, and Trivecta

We present to you, Odyssey: Melodic Dubstep for Vital!

Containing 75 presets for Vital + 25 unique wavetables, Odyssey will ignite the inspiration within you and help tell your story in ways like never before!”
Black Lotus Audio

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