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Madhatter! – Jaded: Pantheon Select Release | Veridian MGMT Takeover [Track Write-Up + Artist Interview]


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[Texas-based] artist collective company Veridian Management will be taking reign of our systems for the following week. They will showcase the sounds, stories, and imaginations of their whole squad in the electrifying Monsoon Season fashion. We invite you to take notice across all of our platforms to find, follow, and connect with the brilliant, up, and coming management brand testing to take over the world, beginning with our storm!
With their already spiked and star-studded lineup of artists decimating their Texan region with constant releases, show appearances, and industrious involvements across the board; the ladies and gents of this hive are unprecedented. Turning heads and breaking necks is the game, Veridian Management is the name.

This is The Veridian Management Takeover Week.


[Texas-based] bass music artist Madhatter! unravels all the vibes and feel-goods with his recent track ‘Jaded‘. Being released by Pantheon Select, you already know the standard is high. Madhatter! drives this release eloquently into the upper-atmospheric layers as a serene yet impacting track from himself.
Initially, the track gives off the sense that it’s going to be a laid back, mellow, and wavy introduction to the mind of Madhatter. Quickly the narrative and direction change for the better into an adventurous and exploratory jaunt into a bass-forward feature. Your shoulders and hips take over and lead the journey. Get ready!

In great fashion, these wobbles take definite hold of the neck, and the instinctual feeling to go crazy sets in. What a track! Madhatter! really sends off immense signals that his production skills are next level. The vocal manipulation to the well-designed structure of the track sets this apart from anything I’ve heard as of yet this year.
Snapping back, forward, and side-to-side, the movement is here. Keep Madhatter!, Veridian Management and their brilliant roster of artist’s music close this, as they are carving a new path, filled with twists and turns. Smash that replay button while you’re at it, twice.

[Listen to Jaded]


Madhatter!: Interview

Q1: Welcome to our storm! For our readers and newly gained soon-to-be fans, who is Madhatter? Briefly walk us through your origin story and decision to choose your name!

A1: Thank you for having me! So I came up with the name Madhatter!’ when I was probably in middle school or high school. I was in metal bands doing guitar, I was playing sax and guitar for a reggae band and I always wanted to be ‘The Mad Hatters’, and none of my friends or bandmates were into it like I was. So when I started producing and doing a solo act I could finally just be Madhatter! I added the ‘!’ and got rid of the space to help stick out from other people who might have had that name.

Q2: Being a Texas resident must have bigger benefits in regard to music. What has been most constructive to you in The Lone Star State?

A2: I think it has both advantages and disadvantages. But I just never understood why I needed to leave my home to be successful in music. I saw an opportunity to have a much greater impact on the creative community in Austin, as opposed to going to LA or some other market where I would’ve essentially have to start over socially. There was just something about the energy in Austin that I really resonated with. I think staying in Texas was definitely the better move for me as an artist and also an educator. I got a scholarship to Icon Collective and decided not to take it because I really couldn’t afford to move out to LA even with my family’s help. In hindsight, I don’t think I could have handled LA on my own at such a young age.

Q3: ‘Keep It Hot‘ does exactly that! What sort of energy and head-space do you feel contributed to this track in terms of inspiration and creative process?

A3: I was looking into something called ‘Pythagorean Tuning’, which basically means that instead of A = 440 Hz, I tuned all the synths and the entire project to A = 432 Hz. I could sit here all day and talk about my reasoning for experimenting with that, but in reality, it just sounded better to me. There was a much warmer sound by being tuned down ever so slightly and I think it helped deliver the track to listeners much better.

Q4: What can your fans expect for the rest of 2020? What do you anticipate for 2021?

A4: I’ve got a Reggae Dubstep EP coming out in December on Boogie T’s DramaClub Records, and I might try to slip one track in for new years also. 2021 is looking up! I’m hoping the effects of COVID aren’t too intense this year, but I’ll definitely be releasing new music even more consistently in 2021. I’m sitting on probably 14 or 15 unreleased tracks that are ready to go right now, so I’ll be hitting the ground running come January.

Q5: Who do you see killing it in your area and beyond? Give them a shout-out!

A5: There are so many talented producers in my area it’s hard to narrow it down. The people I’ve been seeing just absolutely slay it lately would be Hairitage, Steez, Blaize, Daze Off, Prosecute, Designer Toys, and Pyro. There are so many more I could name, but from what I’ve been seeing, I like to think myself and everyone I named is making real waves here in Texas! 


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