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Raddix Takeover Week: Featuring 7 Days Of Raddix [Interview Part 1]


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Q1: Where were you born, Raddix

A1: I was born in San Antonio, Texas at Lackland Airforce Base. I spent my first few years growing up on the west side of the city and moved out to Helotes, Texas at the age of five. Helotes was a small town growing up and it’s really expanded since I’ve become older.

Q2: If you could perform ANYWHERE, where and why? Realistic and not so realistic.

A2: If I could perform anywhere I’d love to perform at Madison Square Garden one day. There’s so much history of unbelievably talented acts that have performed in that arena and I would be honored to one day add my name to that list. Unrealistically I’d love to perform the first concert on Mars, maybe after we colonize, you never know what could happen haha!

Q3: Favorite memory of 2020?

A3: My team and I made a trip out to Colorado to do a performance that ended up being a bust. However, we did get to spend time exploring Colorado and got to take a moment to relax and enjoy the mountain air. Memories made with great friends and teammates are always the best.

Q4: Biggest goal for 2021?

A4: I want to do some major festival performances. Performing is my favorite part about being an artist and getting to share those personal moments with fans is what I live for!

Q5: Who is on your radar as far as collaborative efforts in the newly arrived year?

A5: It’s a dream of mine to collaborate with Blackbear and Krewella! They are huge inspirations to me, I know we’d make amazing music together.

Q6: Do you plan on experimenting with any other genres this year? 

A6: I’m always open to trying new genres. I’m a lover of all music and find influence through everything I listen to. I’ve never really stuck with releasing one particular genre of music mostly for my appreciation of all genres.

Q7: Turn the clocks back to when you were not a musician, not interested in music at all really, what did you like?

A8: I didn’t really get into singing until after I graduated high school. Before that I was on the varsity football and bowling team at my school and in the FCA. 

Q8: If not a singer, vocalist, songwriter… Where would you be? Why do you think this would be the case?

A8: At the time of my first music success in the industry in 2017 I was living in a trailer, had a job as a construction worker, a girlfriend that I almost married and a couple dogs. I truly think my life would’ve remained a simple, humble lifestyle if my music didn’t start to take off. My life changed drastically in 2018 and took a complete 180 into the career I have today. I’m forever grateful to everyone that helped get me and the Raddix brand here. 

Q9: Give a huge Raddix shout out to any and all people you find so fit! We can’t thank you enough! 

A9: I wanna give a shout out to some amazing and talented people that helped grow the Raddix brand this year! I can’t thank y’all enough for the opportunities and believing in what we’re doing. First I’d like to thank Corey Mac( Radio Personality) @therealcoreymac for the opportunity to interview on his show!
Thank you to @cerceausisters @call_me_alaska and @xo.brookeee for using their unbelievable hula hooping skills as a part of our unreleased music video off the upcoming album! Shoutout to Gary Kostik @garykostik for filming, directing, and having the perfect vision for creating these music videos for the upcoming year!
A big thank you to all of YOU for supporting and always staying up to date with what team Raddix is doing. I seriously can’t thank the fans and listeners enough for being a part of this journey.
And lastly thank you Monsoon Season for supporting my music and career. Y’all know how to bring up and really show love to underground artists. Here’s to the many blessings to come this 2021. Cheers! – Team Raddix

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