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PRECISION – Step It Up [Track Write-Up]


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‘Step It Up’

[North Carolina-based] bass music aficionado, PRECISION develops a hellacious call-to-action track with ‘Step It Up‘. Igniting the audio-furnace with no regard for the potential Fahrenheit increase he may bring, the fire is here at full flame. This should be no surprise as his arsenal of tunes is only growing out of control, showing no sign of climaxing. Pushing heat amongst the masses with releases like his ‘Throwing Elbows (Remix)’, also with ‘Set You Free’ and ultimately as for ‘Step It Up’, you can see the pressure is on at full force. The ascension is imminent for PRECISION, can you keep up with the climb?

The track ‘Step It Up‘, brought to us by up and coming heavy-hitting bass music artist PRECISION, is absolutely a mind-blower from the start. Starting out with a very enticing digital crawl-like-vibe, this tune has a beautiful and unique intro which is accompanied by equally stellar vocals. Switching gears though, PRECISION does a really exemplary job of preparing us for nothing less than a super intense bass drop! This track is a perfect example from beginning to end, with its extremely clean transitions and perfect timing, of what this attention grabbing producer has up his sleeve. We should definitely stay tuned in for this one!

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