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[Canada-based] rising bass-music artist Auselot is no stranger to our storm. In our beginning days here in the storm, we had the opportunity to interview Auselot, to learn more about him, his music, and ultimately his journey through sound. This wildcat has not only been one of our favorite musical discoveries of 2020, but he has grown to be a phenomenal friend, outside of music. We are lucky to have ended our year on such a good note.

Auselot remains a prized pick for this series, as we know his music hits the spot. This animalistic producer maintains energy, unique sound-selection, and emotional control in his display of skills. Constantly ready for the next new installation into the ever-growing world of dance music, we haven’t a doubt Auselot will continue to push the limits and boundaries of bass music. Untabamle at heart, hungry in spirit.
Hold on tightly, say your prayers, and brace for impact as we close out 2020 with his official guest mix.

Q1: What has been your favorite memory of 2020?

A1: 2020 has been a crazy year for everyone. But being in a lockdown and not working for months on end, it was nice to be able to grow connections and new friendships online with people. I gained a lot of new friends online through online chat rooms and events that im sure I would of never met before all of this. It definitely forced us artists to reach out more and to work together during these times. It was super cool to see how people took the festival scene and flipped into into a online virtual festival. The ideas we were able to see people come up with, the art we were able to see people make was out of this world. It just goes to show that this scene can go anywhere.

Q2: What new and exciting things are underway for 2021?

A2: As of right now, im working on a lot of music for 2021. We will see what else we can line up maybe show wise come mid 2021. With shows and festivals being canceled everywhere, all any of us can really do is try our best to keep doing what we’re doing in the meantime. Honestly my whole goal is to experiment and craft a unique sound to Auselot. And oh.. wear your mask and follow social distancing so we can get this over with please.

[Listen To Auselot’s brightBEATS Guest Mix]

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