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Dashi + Libertalia – Damn Boi [The Nest #28] [Electric Hawk Release]


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Over at Electric Hawk, for their ‘12 Days of Hawkmas‘, they showcase and spotlight the new up n’ coming talent across the globe from deep in the underground. This certain installation of their holiday-forward recognition goes to Dashi and Libertalia with their new basshouse track ‘Damn Boi’.

Damn Boi‘ holds true as the new-wave booty shaking house track to end 2020 off with. Instantly drawing the listener in with the catchy samples and looped synths. Grabbing and captivating with the four-on-the-floor sounds and heavy-hitting bass punches. Cohesively wrapping it all together with the upbeat and refreshing elements to keep you on your feet. This track will keep up. Will you?

These two are easily setting a path to their futures. Blazing their ways into the limelights of the industry leaders and gatekeepers. Watchout, 2021!

[Listen to Damn Boi!]

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